Many Believe On the Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials But Many Also Fear on the Possibility of Contacting Bad Alien Civilization

The existence of intelligent life beyond in Earth is being believed by many. Several polls revealed that most people share this belief. But, is it right to contact intelligent aliens?
This question was asked to 1,000 adults in the U.S. as part of a YouGov/Huffington Post survey, which was conducted from July 17 to 19, 2014.
Fifty percent responded that they thought there’s intelligent life on other planets while nineteen percent believe the opposite and thirty-one percent said they were not sure.
Forty-six percent are optimistic about the possibility that humans can make contact with intelligent life on other planets while twenty-tree percent think it is not possible, and thirty-one percent aren’t sure.
While many of those being surveyed are confident about the ability of humans to contact extraterrestrials, many are uneasy about the attempt to contact with alien civilizations. Only thirty-seven percent feel that it is a good idea to attempt in contacting aliens while twenty-seven percent believe that it’s a bad idea, and thirty-six percent were not sure.
The fear of alerting evil alien cultures is the main concern of people about contacting unknown extraterrestrial civilizations. Others think that there are other more important matters that need funding than attempting to contact with extraterrestrials, even if it does work.

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