UFO Invisible To The Naked Eye But Viewable In Cam Screen

Saturn-like UFO was caught on the camera of a Colorado witness at Fairplay. Interestingly, the UFO was invisible to the naked eye, according to the MUFON report, Case 62246. The activity happened around 1:30 pm on 14th of December 2014 along Highway 285 while the reporting witness and his girlfriend were driving.
Amazed with the beautiful scenery of surrounding area, she decided to snap some photos, the reporting witness said. All of a sudden, she saw an object on the camera’s screen and then began to find it without using the phone.
She asked her fiancée if he could see anything. She later realized that the object could only be seen through the camera screen on the phone. The woman then took two pictures very quickly.
Neither of them did see anything only with their naked eyes, but in the photo it seems as if the mysterious object was moving very fast. The two witnesses were going approximately 65 mph, and the photos were shot only a few seconds apart, yet the unknown aerial object seems to have travelled drastically.
According to the reporting witness, they can’t identify it and are hoping that someone else can give them an idea. Fairplay has 679 population, the most populous municipality in Park County, Colorado.


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