Formerly Classified UFO Files Now Available Online For Free

In the delight of UFO researchers, the Project Blue Book files of the U.S. Air Force are now available for free in PDF form for the public. The 28-year Air Force initiative to investigate every UFO sighting report, the Project Blue Book files were kept secret until 1979, where the government decided to declassify them for the first time.
Before the PDF form was made available for free online this week, the Air Force UFO files were only available through the National Archives in Washington. Site editor John Greenwald put the full cache of Project Blue Book files online, a reproduce from the original U.S. government microfilm.
With the panic about Communist spies and Cold War hysteria, the Air Force started to investigate UFO sightings in 1947. In particular, the U.S. government feared that reported unidentified flying objects could be some advanced technology from the Soviets. There have been some speculations that the government feared the sudden outbreak of unknown aerial object sightings, which started in 1947, would trigger a national panic.
In the same year, civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen a fleet of glowing objects moving across the sky in formation above Mount Ranier in Washington. Arnold estimated that these UFOs were flying at around 1,700 miles per hour, faster than any known aircraft during that time.
The sighting of the UFOs reminded Arnold of a saucer skipping across the water. The term flying saucers was then born, which is still popular today.
Air Force team managed to give explanations for the most cases in the 130,000 pages of files. Out of the 12,618 reported UFO sightings, 701 cases are considered unidentified, which means that the investigators from the Project Blue Book could not find an explanation about the reported UFOs.
In an interview by, Greenwald said that Project Blue Book is special in UFO history. Greenwald explained that for over 20 years, investigators looked closely at thousands of UFO cases and certainly many of them were explanatory, but few gems remain a mystery.
The complete Air Force files can be found at Greenwald’s site at


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