Triangular Mysterious Lights Show Up On New Mexico Photo

Three anomalous lights appeared over Santa Ana Pueblo and a New Mexico witness photographed them as they were in a triangular formation, according to MUFON report, Case 62729.
The witness stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico for a business matter when the incident took place at 7:05 pm on January 15, 2015.
According to the testimony of the witness, he used an iPhone 4s to take several pictures of the sky around the hotel. Though he did not see something strange while taking photos, he was amazed to see the lights when he checked the photos he had taken.
Filed on 19th of January 2015, the report includes an image of the mysterious lights.
The witness claims he has an aviation background as a licensed pilot, with instrument rating, and an ex-amateur astronomer, so he is accustomed to watching the skies and noticing details. He says that he did not see the lights with his naked eye during the time the picture was taken. Additionally, the lights did not show up in any other photos, either before or after the photo that was sent to MUFON, so the witness doubts the anomaly was a malfunction of the phone’s camera.
In the MUFON report, the witness also points out that no other light sources in the area that could cause reflections in the lens, so he has no idea about these strange lights.
Located in Sandoval Country, the small community of Santa Ana Pueblo has 479 population.

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