Documentary About UFO Sightings Throughout NWT Sets To Finish This Spring

Canadian filmmaker Raymond Yakeleya has not seen alien UFO but believes in extraterrestrial existence. Born in Tulita, a hamlet in the Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories, Yakeleya plans to make a documentary regarding UFO sightings in the North.
N.W.T. has been flooded with reports of UFO sightings and encounters over the years, including one earlier in January 2015 in Fort Smith.
Yakeleya believes there’s a UFO connection and evidence in Dene legend. The legend tells the story on extraterrestrial visitations where the chief of their kind requested a Dene wife, which did happen.
He says that he often wondered about the legend, asking himself how it is possible that they have alien beings in their legends. Yakeleya firmly believes that their people don’t lie and don’t make any stories like that.
Yakeleya states that he can’t discount many stories from elders who reveal that they have seen UFOs on the area even though he has never experienced alien encounters.
He plans to call his film “UFOs, Aliens and First Nations.” Yakeleya thinks that it’s important to talk about alien sightings and abductions to understand these phenomena.
According to Yakeleya, he and other children in residential schools were hesitant to talk about their culture’s legends. Now, he wants to change it and hopes that people open up about their experiences.
Yakeleya hopes to finish his film this spring and currently working on finding drawings and some photos. He is filming in Albert at the moment and plans to visit the N.W.T. later this month.


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