Michigan Witness Recalls UFO Encounter In A Local Field

A witness from Michigan recalls a 1966 UFO incident in Carson City when she and her cousin discovered a disc UFO on the ground after stepping into a local field. Her report was filed in witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Case 63749.
The witness says that it was a bright day when they made an entry into an enclosed field along the edge of the town and spotted the UFO on the ground. They were both 7 years old that time.
According to the witness, they saw pieces of metal, and they thought that a tornado brought them. But they were shocked after seeing that the object moved.
They came closer to the moving UFO, and it zipped up in a zigzag manner. The reporting witness recalls that they saw a silvery strange object with a little bit of heat wave shimmer. She can’t remember any features because things happened so quickly.
The mother of the reporting witness claims that the children returned home like they experienced considerable tension. She went to the field to investigate the children’s claim.
According to the report by the witness, her mother found a flattened, burnt area with holes that seemingly a result of coffee can being shoved in the ground.
The reporting witness doesn’t recall of feeling afraid of the experience or the UFO itself. The witness provided an illustration of the event in her MUFON report, which was filed on 5th of March 2015.


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