Flying object caught on tape during a live TV news broadcast. Is it what it appears to be?

The suspected object was spotted hovering above the buildings during a live broadcast of an Argentinian noontime TV news station; Todo Noticias.
This intriguing moment prompted sky watchers to burst with excitement as they witness a once in a lifetime experience, witnessing a mysterious “UFO” that appeared during a live TV broadcast, The what appeared to be a saucer-shaped flying object passes by the skyline as the Todo Notocias (TN), an Argentinian TV station, televised its noontime broadcast.
The three reporters did not seem to notice the silver UFO as it hovered above the buildings in Buenos Aires as they present the headlines of the day.
The YouTube recording gives the impression that it was taken from a rooftop camera, with the incident prompting wild speculation on the internet.
The Mysterious Universe website excitedly reported: “How can newscasters who get paid to report the news not see the UFO flying behind them???”
“That’s what a lot of people are asking after viewing a YouTube video of a news program in Argentina that shows a large UFO flying across the sky behind the three seemingly oblivious newscasters. What happened?”
It added: “The disc-shaped UFO crosses the entire screen, at one point passing behind a multi-story building.
“It appears to be much larger than a drone and traveling too fast to be an odd-shaped blimp, airship or balloon.
“While the quality is good, it’s not clear enough for the magnification to help make a positive identification of the craft.”
The website claimed that it was the second time wherein a UFO sighting occurred during a South American broadcast in less than a month after a TV camera crew from Peru documented a purple craft airborne in the sky.
But before other UFO enthusiasts could get too thrilled about the most recent UFO sighting, TN confessed that it was a hoax – and the object that what could have been a UFO was just an added digital trickery.
In fact, the TN released an unedited footage of the original news broadcast and that there was no UFO or any other suspected object in the background of the TV News reporters.
Even though TN station does needs not to give a justification as to who is held accountable for the spreading of the hoax, they released a statement on their own website stating: “The truth is that the video was edited and the UFO was added digitally.
“Here we show you the original video, without editing, with the full minute from 12:24, the moment in which someone wanted to fabricate a UFO on the air at Todo Noticias.”


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