Unexplained lights and explosions fill the skies of Auckland

Incdents involving gleaming objects have been happening more frequently. The latest encounter that the residents of New Zealand had with these lights took place on Tuesday night. Locals were baffled upon witnessing a bizarre scene filled with orbs and shifting devices.
Many of the people believe that the lights could just be meteors or even satellites. Others disagree and are convinced these weird occurrences prove we are not alone in the universe. New Zealanders now question whether or not extraterrestrial life could actually exist.
Many got to see the moving objects and even record them. In April and May, there were claims of the devices to be sphere-like and orange.
One witness made a post on a Facebook page about UFOs claiming to have seen two round devices of the color orange. The person described how the objects had tails as they plunged downward, but the tails quickly faded. When they changed the direction of their course, they headed towards the center of the city before passing above the harbor. The unknown lights made no sound and were moving fast.
High school student, Katherine Manzi, was quick to record the bright objects as she saw them moving above her house. She posted on the Facebook page to share what she had witnessed. She wrote that she saw the lights next to her house as they were moving across the night sky. She was crept out when they vanished. Katherine also wrote her thoughts about the event being connected to extraterrestrial activity.
There had been other reports of unexplained lights throughout New Zealand in the past two months.
There were similar claims of such activities in February, but Dr. Joel Schiff, an expert in meteorites and retired Auckland University lecturer, explains that if people saw flashes of light throughout the country, then it was probably just an object entering our atmosphere and scattering through the sky.
Whatever those objects were, many people were still left wondering if what they saw were actually visitors from outside our planet.

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