1950’s UFO Photos Near McMinnville: Again Raises The Question

If you can connect the words “McMinnville” and “Trent photos” to UFOs, then you probably have an idea what’s going on in May 15-18 in Oregon town. When Paul and Evelyn Trent photographed the unidentified flying objects. Sometimes it could be a flying saucer-shaped object. Sometimes it appears like a series of lights. Sometimes, it appears like a flying balloon. All these findings were made on their farm near McMinnville. But the good news is, they were able to take photos in the very close angle – the UFO is a flying saucer.
At first, Trent didn’t think too much about the UFO sighting incident because he did not get the black and white film. A few days later, upon using the roll, he told a friend and showed him the UFO sighting photos, and since then the incident was widely reported.
The photos they took were already published in the Life magazine, one of the largest circulation magazines during that time. Actually, the McMinnville photos were not the first UFO reports, but they have been considered by many because they have the best photographic evidence of flying saucers. Since their appearance in 1950 in the Life magazine, their UFO photos have become the subject of controversy. While some others step forward to believe that it is a mystery, some others also claim that it is nothing more than a hoax. However, one thing is certain, the UFOs are UFOs and they will keep on hovering the sky anytime, anywhere.
They admitted on one of their last interviews regarding UFO sighting that after they took the photo, there was a slight wind, but had no smoke, no motor and no sound, just the wind. The Trents have already died. But amid the strong controversies, one thing is certain, they never changed their story about the UFO sighting. Every time they were interviewed, they’ve had enough about it.


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