World War Two Mystery: Uncovering Giant Alien Vessel

If you are interested in the unidentified flying object phenomenon, you are probably familiar with the so-called “Foo Fighters” that existed during the Second World War. Foo Fighter is the term given to a circular, spherical, wedged or disc-like shape object that appears glowing and shiny. It also has a high degree of illumination and were seen by World War II flight crews or pilots. Throughout the years, no Foo Fighters were reported or known to have attempted or made any interaction, attack or contact. However, they were known for their high rate of agility and speed. Being faster than any identified aircraft as well as being extremely maneuverable, it has an extremely unconventional abilities like instantaneous deceleration and acceleration, rapid descent, and climbing and hovering in place.
Usually, they are paralleled aircraft and were seen mostly by aviators. Foo Fighters were perplexing balls of light. Theories range from alien probes to natural phenomena of a poorly understood nature, and from secret weapons of Nazi to secret devices of the Allies. While the stories are famous within the field of Ufology, less popular fall on the other flying machines during the Second World War. In such a case, it’s not about small light balls causing chaos and concern for pilots, but it is all about the massive alien spacecraft. Long before the U.S., England entered the war in what is known as Foo Fighters reported by the British on September 1941. Through regular sightings, except for a month in 1943, all sides continuing throughout the war.
On the U.S. side, even though sightings occurred at regular intervals before P-61 Black Widows deployment in Europe, it was the fighter pilots who regularly report seeing Foo Fighters. They usually describe it as an unknown object. The pilots of Black Widows finally coined the word Foo-Fighters – thanks to them!


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