Massive ‘Angel-Like’ UFO Seen in NASA’s SOHO Image

Examining objects and phenomena in space such as nebulae, galaxies and comets is Astronomy. It can be a serious science, but also a fun hobby. There are plenty of such pictures to choose from, and plenty of interesting objects out there to keep people looking. But there could be more on National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Myunhauzen74, a YouTube UFO hunter, has reported seeing a NASA image of the Sun that depicts a gigantic “angel-like” UFO with extensive wings. The strange object leaves a trail suggesting a blast out of the atmosphere.
The image was being shattered on July 31 by the Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph C2 camera of SOHO satellite. This particular strange sighting is well-known to hunters who have reported sighting within the Sun’s vicinity multiple times, as confirmed by Editor Scott Waring. YouTube Myunhauzen74 have caught the strange object over and over again over the last few years. Repeated sightings of the angel-like face in NASA’s SOHO images along with its trail has reinforced the belief that its appearance is never an incidental pixel-related flaw. It has come to a conclusion that the object is a structured alien interstellar shuttle making stopovers at the Sun to refuel throughout interstellar commutes.
Waring echoes the view of hunters who think that this frequent Sun visitor is a gigantic mothership from technologically advanced alien species. However, according to paranormal enthusiasts, the sighting is an angelic ET, or “a light being.” According to him, it could be an alien in the shape of an angel directing into the sun. The direction points out harvesting energy. Second, the angel like structure whose size is twice Earths size may live in or a part of the sun itself. In the latest sighting, the now-familiar angel like object is seen leaving the atmosphere, but in an earlier sighting, it was snapped diving into the solar atmosphere. Even though, most UFOlogists believe that alien visit the Sun to refuel, a minority speculation that the Sun could be the home of an extraterrestrial species or a giant planet has been brought up.


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