Unexplained Experience: Witnesses Fell Ill After 1665 ‘UFO Battle’

Researchers are still investigating a 350-year-old case that remains anonymous until today. The incident happened when several fishermen anchored near Barhöfft on April 8, 1665, at around 2 pm. They all witnessed the strange objects appearing to be vessels in the sky. The most interesting part is the activities of the subject matter as it shows they are being engaged in a battle. After the alleged battle, a dark object is seen hovering in the sky.
Erasmus Francisci gathered news reports about the 1689 incident, saying that after a while, a round flat form appeared. To be specific, it looks like a plate with a huge hat of a man. When talking about the color, it seems as a dark moon hovering right over St. Nicolai’s church. Though it remained motionless until the evening, they are worried about death. Since all of them didn’t want to look further, they buried their faces in their hands. According to the report of Francisci, the men who witnessed the objects experienced illnesses shortly afterward. They suffered trembling extremities and pain in their limbs. Later, the whole incident was deemed “unexplained” leading to the symptoms covered or concealed. Francisci had gathered reports related to the event. The experts considered the event and the illness as something unexplainable.
Is it a Mirage? A Fata Morgana is a mirage appearing above the horizon when there is a right mix of thermal layers in the air. It shifts frequently. But the 1665 event occurs higher in the sky more than a Fata Morgana could. Is it Flock of Birds? The “battle” seems to start with the appearance of birds. Shough and Aubeck summarize the accounts stating that there is a large flock of birds seen in the heavens. After moving, they formed a long passage in a house.
In the case analysis of June 2015, researchers Martin Shough and Chris Aubeck looked at numerous possible explanations. At the end of the day, they concluded that it was an extraordinary case. Whether it is true or not, it is considered as the first ‘flying saucer’ report in history.”

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