What To Do If You Own a Property Near Area 51

After over 60 years of silence, a Nevada family who owns a mining camp overlooking the secret Area 51 base is finally speaking out. The story may be one of the last great untold ones of the Cold War. It is about of the outcomes when the collision among family, history and national security happens. A family is about to lose the land they have owned in Nevada since the administration of President Ulysses Grant.
Most people today have already heard about the secret base that has been hidden in the Nevada desert called Area 51.
But what most people may still don’t know is the existence of a privately owned lead and silver mine overlooking the secluded facility. Groom Mine co-owner Joe Sheahan said that they were raised there from their great-great-grandfather to their fathers.
Sheahan family has held the Groom Mine for 130 years. Since the mid 50’s when the military testing started, the family has had one of the most heavily guarded secrets in their backyard. The only talked about it recently, though.
Dan Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner, said they initially did not want to go public about it, but the Air Force forced them to do so. Dan and family want the Air Force know what they have done over the last 60 years to them. Dan said that there were bullets fired on their property and cases dropped on the ground.
According to the Sheahans, their buildings have been bombed and strafed by military jets over the past six decades. The family think it was dropped wing tank or errant bomb that blew up their mill in the 1950’s, which resulted the end of production at the mine.
Ben Sheahan said that his grandfather Dan and grandmother Martha were destroyed at the hands of the American government.
Another Groom Mine co-owner Barbara Sheahan-Manning said they went to the poorhouse fighting their case of the mill that was damaged by the Air Force. Barbara added that they have evidence to prove the Air Force is the culprit. She stated that their grandparents ran out of money in fighting the government.
Dan Sheahan further revealed that the government warned them about condemnation from the government, and they’re going to lose money if they try to buy or operate the place. Moreover, the government has driven away prospective business partners, Dan said.
The government in recent decades has cleared large pieces of land around Area 51 and posted strong warning against preying eyes to the base.
Sheahan-Manning said that they had been searched illegally and threatened to be arrested on a trip of trying to get their privately owned land.
Now, the family felt an additional insult after the Air Force forced them to accept a $5.2 million payment for the 400 acres of land in their possession or the property be condemned and taken by means of eminent domain.


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