UFO Dropping 10 Feet Seen By Omaha Witness

Since the dawn of man, UFO sightings have been reported. These sightings were being recorded with Cave patterns and layouts dated back to 8000 B.C.E. It was also the time when the first and actual documented incidents are starting to appear in the 1600s. When the first sighting appeared will forever remain a mystery. For all we know, the first man ever created or evolved, depending on your theory of choice, sighted the first strange object. What was the mysterious object he sighted back in 310,000,000 B.C.? In all honesty, it was probably an insect or bird. After all, UFO stands for an unidentified flying object. The first man would not have been able to identify the winged creature at first glance. However, usually we are not thinking about an insect or bird when discussing UFO sightings.

Practically speaking, UFO sightings today are synonymous with aliens. Thousands of reports have come forward claiming to see extraterrestrial space origins. The general public often greets These people with mass amounts of skepticism and distrust. However, is the Nebraska witness at Omaha an exception to the rule? Omaha is being considered as the largest city in Nebraska. It holds a population of 446,599. It was being reported that there was an appearance of white cloud moving closer revealing a massive and boomerang-shaped object. As the witness stepped on the third-floor deck, the occurrence occurred at 8:20 p.m. on October 4, 2015. As it moved closer, it altered its shape into a V-shaped craft. As it moved to the south, there is no faint sound of the wind, and there were no lights. When it appeared in front of the witness, it was estimated to be 10 feet above. The image seemed to be a massive object. Though experts denied the claim, they cannot deny that there are still many sightings seen by other people around the world.


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