Snowboard UFO In The New York Skies

The UFO sighting happened on September 14, 2009, at around 10 p.m. in Norwood, New York. Jason was with his fiancée Lisa outside to spend the night on an outdoor trampoline with their dog. They noticed the dog left the trampoline and ran to the house. At that time, the couple thought nothing extraordinary.
They lied down on the trampoline and stared up at the clear evening sky. They were talking when suddenly an object appeared.
The man said that he could feel it, and both of them seemed tense. They both holding their breath, Jason said.
They heard no sound from the flying object. Lisa said that the UFO appeared in the sky just above the trees. She described it as a snowboard in shape, but a shorter version because it looked like someone took both ends of a snowboard and pushed them together. The color of the UFO was black and had weird markings.
The couple stated the markings had hieroglyph quality, which were lighter in color than the rest of the UFO.
Lisa said she can’t explain fully what the object looked like. It appeared fake, like a bad movie prop hovering in the sky.
The couple added the UFO was horizontal to the ground, but the two ends angled around 15 degrees. It appeared to be moving slowly and vanished behind the peak of the roof, the couple said.
When the UFO disappeared to their view, Lisa stayed silent until Jason talked to her about their sighting. After a few moments, both of them started to hear back the sound of the crickets and other nighttime noises.


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