Singer Kim Wilde Believes Encounter With UFOs Changed Her Life

The “Kids in America” singer Kim Wilde claims encountering UFOs changed her life. Wilde is convinced she and her friend saw an alien activity in the sky six years ago. The experience, according to her, made her feel more connected to the universe.
Recalling the encounter, the singer said that she was in her garden with a friend on the day after Michael Jackson proclaimed dead. Suddenly, two bright lights appeared to their view in the sky.
ilde described the UFOs as around 20 times the size of an aeroplane. They were hovering and then performing a zig-zag motion very quickly for around 10 minutes, according to Wilde.
The sighting was picked up by a local newspaper, indicating that they were not the only ones who spotted the bizarre lights. Wilde claimed that the encounter changed her life.
She feels connected to the universe, and it makes her inspired, full of hope. She believes it’s similar to when someone says they’ve seen God.
Kim is not known be a religious woman, but believes she is “eternal” and her spirit will forever live.
In an interview with OK! Magazine, Kim says that she is eternal, and that’s all she knows, but that’s a major thing to know.
She had a sense of it before, but now she knows. She thinks her husband and her are on the same page about it, both of them believe that they will be making that journey together.


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