Woman Snaps Strange Craft In The Sky Over Brazil

A woman caught a UFO above Brazil that apparently zapped her phone. The mysterious shape showed in the sky as the woman took photos of the beautiful view of the city of Marmelo, after feeling bored at a football match.
The woman said she did not notice the UFO at the time, but after she had captured it on camera, her smartphone turned off all of a sudden.
She was not sure what just cause the problem with her phone. Eventually, she suspected the UFO had something to do with it.
Individuals who have examined and studied the pictures think it could be similar UFO that was reportedly sighted on December 6 in La Paz, Bolivia.
Many people have reported electronic interference, including car not starting, televisions breaking, and camera stop working during the times of UFO sightings.
Could extraterrestrial intervention be messing with the woman’s camera phone? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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