Mysterious UFO Captured Passing Over A Volcano Seconds Before Eruption

UFO theories had spurred when a volcano erupted after an unidentified flying object had passed. Some alien researchers believe the mysterious craft spotted at Colima Volcano in Mexico triggered its eruption.
A video shows a UFO passing over the mouth of the volcano. Few seconds later, Colima spewed lava from the top.
Many UFO enthusiasts suggest the craft could have been transporting something or someone into an alien base beneath the volcano.
According to the report, the long UFO was captured on video over Colima Volcano on January 3. It passes over the volcano and shot up just above the mouth of it.
Another theorist who watched the footage, which was first posted on the Mibit channel, thought the UFO was stocking up on energy.
He said the bizarre object leant towards refueling as opposed to the theory of underground base.


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