Arizona: UFO Spotted By Sky Harbor Employee at Airport

On Tuesday at Sky Harbor Airport, a certain employee was outside the building when a strange glowing object passing on the side caught his attention. It occurred at 9 pm and had a massive V-shaped structure. As the object moves, the witness observed its course of action and pattern. The encountered lasted for about five minutes. Since it did not point towards him, the witness believed that it is not a threat to humanity. What the witness felt is a sense of wonder about the massive object traveling in the air without making noises.
In Arizona, airport sightings are the most frequent sightings. In fact, it made the state as one of the hotspots for purported alien activities. According to Arizona’s state director Jim Mann, the sighting has increased in the last ten years. Therefore, he has a strong belief that humans are not the only ones living in the universe. If you can remember, the most famous encounter that is witnessed by many people is the Phoenix lights. It took place in March 1997 when a huge string of illuminated object hovered over Valley skies. Currently, this newly reported airport sighting is investigated. As per Mann, the team is seriously finding the grounds as seen by the witness. While the object may be a natural or man-made phenomenon, it is to be noted that other things hovering in the sky may, at least, be explained as radio-controlled toys or drones.
To get a further investigation, the field agent interviewed the witness irrespective if he is credible or not. However, the spokesperson of Sky Harbor named Julie Rodriguez said that no employee has reported a sighting on the date of the incident. As per Jeff Willes, he also spotted the strange floating objects around the airport. Whether or not the object can be identified, it is still clear that Phoenix is a hotspot destination for curious visitors.


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