Massive Triangle Anomaly On The Lunar Surface

Technologically advanced aliens were apparently beating NASA to the moon as UFO hunters claim to have discovered what they considered indisputable evidence of extraterrestrials. Recently, one UFO hunter found and shared an old NASA image from the Apollo 8 mission in 1968.
The still image apparently shows a bizarre triangle UFO parked on the Moon’s surface. It happened to be the last of a sequence of black and white images taken using a 70 mm camera on December 1968 mission.
The team claimed to have secured the image from an unnamed source. However, identical image can be viewed on the website of Lunar and Planetary Institute, a NASA affiliate.
The object appears to cast a shadow on the surface of the Moon, seemingly confirms that it is a solid three-dimensional thing.
The UFO hunters suggest the image proves that members of Apollo 8 crew are not the first to make it to the moon.
Glockner explained that the image they obtained was basically the last in the film magazine shot during the Apollo 8 lunar mission. He said the photo showed something massive either over or on the moon.
Glockner reportedly went back to the Apollo Image Atlas, examined all previous frames, and found nothing ordinary on them except in frame 2908, which seemed to show a massive triangular-shaped object on or over the lunar surface.
Skeptics suggested that it might have been a glitch or image artifact resulting from pixelation errors. However, Glockner pointed out that no such thing as pixelation issue in pictures taken with film as it can only happen in digital images.
Another suggestion from skeptics was that it could have been a speck on the lens or perhaps damage to the film frame.

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