Two Russian Truck Drivers Encountered Landed UFO Spaceship (1989)

On the night of November. 2, 1989, the air temperature dropped to below freezing. The two Russian drivers, Oleg Kirzhakov and Nikolai Baranchikov were driving nearby Arkhangelsk to Moscow and were hurrying home to finish all the business related trips. Within Emtza railway station, the road was blocked by sand and gravel. According to Oleg, the truck’s headlights fell upon a massive structure. Since the road was under construction, they thought it was the machines. When Oleg drove closer, he spotted a huge metallic-like object.
The power source of the headlights connected to the back-up was still on. Initially, they did not understand what had happened. Later on, they realized that they saw something unusual in front, and were scared that something unavoidable would happen. When Oleg approached the object, his body seemed to melt and became difficult to move. Oleg turned back toward the truck and approached the object from another direction. Despite the difficulty of approaching the object, he finally succeeded within about 30–36 feet. As he drew closer, he realized it was not of Earthly origin. In front of Oleg, there appeared an enormous disc-shaped object about 120–140 feet (around 40 meters) in diameter. It has a dome-shaped top without visibility of the structures. Together with the perimeter of the disc, there were dark holes evident. Extending from the lower part, there was visibility of two structures, which seemed to support the ship. The object appeared uninhabited and dark, and there were no visible traces of doors, hatches, and windows.
Despite the efforts of both men, they cannot open the door for a significant length of time. Suddenly, the door cannot open quite easily. Oleg returned to the place on the road where he stood before. However, he cannot move quickly. Oleg proceeds the corridor for 20–25 feet (around 8 meters). On the hall’s periphery, there were five entrances, similar in appearance to the door he had just entered. His legs and hands were trembling. Twenty minutes had passed from the moment the truck had stopped.


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