The 1964’s Bizarre UFO Landing Story

If the Roswell incident had become so widespread, flying saucer might be so common in our language, experiences and novels, television programming, and films. How common is it for people to see a UFO? On April 24, 1964, at about ten a.m., Gary Wilcox was out on his 300-acre farm in New York, when he noticed an unusual object over the woods. Curious, the 27-year-old farmer drove his tractor for a closer look. As he drew closer, he was not sure how the oblong shaped object was suspended in the place. According to him, it bears a resemblance to an egg of 4 feet high, 20 feet long, and 16 feet wide.
It has a metallic body with an aluminum color. It has a smooth surface, without seams or rivets visible. There were no vibrations, sounds, nor was there heat or anything extraordinary. The groundbreaking encounter was when two 4 foot tall men came out; they were dressed in metallic and white suits. Frightened and anxious, Wilcox said that he did not mention anything. Wilcox claimed that beings told him not to be alarmed as they have spoken to humans before.
After two hours of talking, Wilcox learned that these beings were living in an atmosphere with thin air. They claimed to avoid congested areas, which is why they preferred operating green and clean areas. The men went back to their craft and then disappeared at an estimated distance of about 150 feet. Wilcox took a bag of fertilizer later in the afternoon and left it in a place where the UFOs landed. By the next morning, the fertilizer was gone. During their conversation, the beings told Wilcox their predictions of astronauts Virgil Grissom and John Glenn and the two Russian astronauts would die within a year due to exposure of elements in space. Three years after, it happened. Psychiatrist Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz was impressed with Wilcox’s evidence and background of stability, honesty, integrity, and intelligence.

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