1965 UFO Encounter: James Flynn in Everglades Florida

On March 12, 1965, in East Fort Myers, Florida, an experienced woodsman James Flynn headed to the Everglades with his hunting dogs. On the 14th day of March, his hunting dogs run after a deer. Hearing a gunshot sound, Flynn started to swamp buggy and headed off to search for the dogs.
On Monday, March 15th at 1 am, Flynn has spotted a bizarre cone-shaped object hovering in the sky, with an estimated 200 feet above cypress trees. In 2 to 3 minutes, it returned and flew again for another 5 minutes. It then took off again toward the Southwest at a high speed. Soon after, it returned to the same location. At this time, the object comes down the trees on a small knoll when Flynn was about a mile away. Flynn first though it was a helicopter, but as it drew closer, he realized, it wasn’t.
According to him, the object is 25 feet high with four tiers of two-foot-square window-looking that emitted a yellowish color. The body of the object is metallic and is believed to be a product of four-by-four plates which are held with rivets. Around the base was a reddish-orange illumination that appeared to cast a glow of 75 feet around its rim. Later on, he regained consciousness and went back to his home with his dogs. As soon as he went home, he and his wife visit op an ophthalmologist and find that his vision is 20/800 in his right eye, and 20/60 in his left eye. While the left eye appeared normal, the retina is not visible in the right eye. Flynn complained of numbness in his arms and hands and hearing reduction following the encounter. On March 26, he and Dr. Stipe revisited the lace and found a burned circle 72 feet and eight scorched cypress trees.
Flynn believed that it was probably a secret aircraft, and once proven, then somebody should pay for the liability he did.


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