UFO Close Encounter at Valensole, France in 1965

Conspiracy theories will always fascinate us for many years to come. The exciting part of Conspiracy theory is that it gives us information that not too many people know, or not everyone is going to believe. It usually connects to the UFO. In July of 1965, Maurice Masse, a farmer in In Valensole, France claimed seeing two children standing in the field. Masse noticed an unusual object close by when he approached the alleged “children.”
As described, the children have large bald heads, slanted huge eyes, and pasty faces. He added that the children wore coveralls, and one of them was carrying a tube-like tool. Masse claimed that a strange object hit him which disabled him. At first, he was reluctant to report his incident, but later on, he did. In an interview, a drawing representative of an object was submitted to Maurice. The object shows how it landed in New Mexico and was seen by policeman Lonnie Zamora, who made a sketch later.
According to the farmer, he cannot grow anything in the incident’s area for years to come. Despite the strong proof and testimony, neither the Zamora more Masse case has proven extraterrestrial being’s existence. Particularly, in the Zamora case, it is not certain that some unusual space craft with occupants did land. Dr. J. Allen Hynek offers no explanation for Zamora’s sighting, but he believes every word that he said. There is nothing wrong with believing someone else’s thoughts, but the danger is when you induce the people to believe, with all the best efforts, that the alleged sighting was indeed some extraterrestrial beings.
What if Zamora’s evidence is weak, and the phenomenon is not extraterrestrial in origin? Irrespective of the facts, we can always create a hypothesis because they were no conclusions yet.


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