The Hidden Truth about Falcon Lake Landing In 1967

A UFO is any extraterrestrial spacecraft that is unidentified. Therefore, there are plenty of UFOs. If you ask if it has to be an alien craft, the answer is “No”. Since in 1940’s, not all have been highly regarded as an advanced craft. The UFO incident in Falcon Lake that took place on May 19, 1967, in Canada is an event which skeptics and believers have been splitting hairs for decades. On one hand, many believe Stephen Michalak’s story about confronting a UFO. Skeptics believe that the story is a hoax.
Michalak is a mechanic but used to be an amateur geologist. While enjoying days off, he decided to do prospecting near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, when he spotted two UFOs, with one landed on a huge, flat rock about 160 feet from him. As he looked, one of the objects stopped, but hovered later on, while the other descended on a huge flat rock about 160 feet from him. Minutes later, the object changed from red to orange and to grey as it flew in the west. Later on, it disappeared behind the clouds. The object on the ground turned to grey and lastly to “hot stainless steel” enclosed by a golden-hued glow. While chipping at the quartz to guard his eyes against flying fragments, he had been wearing welding goggles. Now, they served the purpose of protecting his eyes from a purple light that shines through openings in the exterior part of the object.
The object was making a whirring noise, and a hissing sound and it gave off a sulfurous smell. After approaching the object and looked inside, it moved, and release an exhaust vent in front of him. Afterwards, there was a hot gas shot from these holes to his chest, setting his undershirt on fire and leaving him burns and severe pain in the shape of a grid. Finally, he reached the motel. Michalak decided to return to Winnipeg than go to Ontario for the doctor. He arrived in Winnipeg at 10:15 p.m., and he was sent to the Misericordia Hospital, where his nausea and headache were treated. The burn marks on his chest were noted.


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