History Reveals Six Famous Extraterrestrial Sightings

Today, UFO sightings are increasing. In fact, countless have been reported to authorities different strange object passing each month. However, what is the truth about aliens? Before digging deeper to the explanations, it is important to acknowledge the history behind the strange objects.
Here Are the Most Radically Influential Encounters In Human History:
74 BC: Ancient Romans Spotted A Strange Flying Wine Jar According to Plutarch’s records, the strange object appears apparently gigantic, made of flame, silver-colored, and has a shape like a wine jar. This happened during a battle in Phrygia (in what is now Turkey).
1561: Flying Objects Battled Over Nuremberg The people residing in Nuremberg since 1561 have been seeing some interstellar battle in the sky. According to a broadsheet publisher, the inhabitants were bewildered seeing what appeared to be flying crosses, cannons, spheres and objects of similar nature having some massive clash every morning. It is worth mentioning, however, that the broadsheets during that time are not reliable sources because they reported that an English woman gave birth to rabbits. Read more: Mysterious UFO Battle Over Nuremberg
1897: An Alien Air vessel Crashes In Texas Due to this sighting, it appears that Americans were already interested in extraterrestrial life as early as the 19th century because the Aurora story was published in Texas newspapers during that time. One Aurora resident decided to write about the encounter stating that an aircraft had crashed, killing the pilot who was then buried in the local cemetery. Read more: Aurora, Texas – 1897 UFO incident
The 1940s: Foo Fighters Confuse The Military This refers not to a band, but to the UFO visitors. However, the band was named after these peculiar visitors, who was spotted by military personnel to have interfered in aerial battles in several theaters during WWII.
1942: The Los Angeles Battle Shocks The West Coast In one of the strangest episodes in America’s relationship with the aliens on February 24, 1942, the city got into battle when these strange objects were rumored to be flying and running around overhead. Read more: Battle of Los Angeles, 1942
1947: A Strange Object Crashes In Roswell Roswell is the most notorious encounter in American alien history. A strange aircraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and what happened afterward is the birth of alien myth-making ever since. Whether you are a believer of alien phenomena from other planets or not, it seems more likely that encounters can be explained by weird natural phenomena, military testing, or just people being credulous. Read more: Roswell UFO Incident


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