A UFO That Becomes Three Baffles A Utah Witness At Salt Lake City

A black, disc-shaped object was spotted splitting into three objects, moving back as one, and flying out of sight quickly, according to a witness in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The witness, 37, was with his sister, 24, brother, 27, and two sons, ages 8 and 10, driving along the I-15 south of Salt Lake City on August 11, 2016, at 9:20 pm when the sighting took place.
The reporting witness stated he was the first to see the flying black object, which appeared to be around three miles away, and approximately 1,500 feet off the ground. The UFO thing was initially a joke as he told his boys to look what he just noticed.
His adult companions thought the thing was just a cloud. He initially agreed as he was just trying to trick the boys when he referred it a UFO. While still thinking it may be a cloud, he decided to begin snapping some photos.
According to the witness, the photos were in low quality as he was just using his cell phone while zooming to the max at a time when it was a little past sunset. After taking multiple photos, he was shocked to see there were already three black classic UFO-shaped objects. Moments later, he saw two and then one again. The witness said that he did not notice them separate or come back together, wondering how they became three and then one.
The reporting witness then observed it picked up speed towards the north, heading to Ogden. Just a few seconds, it disappeared. His brother estimated the object to be approximately 500 yards across and around half that tall.
According to the reporting witness, they were not excited about what they were watching at first, but slowly realized it wasn’t a cloud when they saw three horizontally and evenly spaced apart around six hundred yards. He added that they saw no light on the objects, just black.
He then reported their sighting to Mutual UFO Network and his testimony along with the photos was filed in Case 78355. Utah MUFON investigators are still investigating the case.


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