Half Of the Truth About Aliens Still Kept Secret, MoD Source Admits

The governments of this world are not telling the complete details they know about aliens, according to the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigation, Malcolm Robinson.
A source with a connection to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has revealed to Robinson that governments, including Britain, aren’t telling even 50 percent of the truth.
The MoD had operated a UFO desk for three decades but stopped in 2009 because it was allegedly not helping the country’s defence and taking away resources and staff from more important activities. The public can access the findings gathered in the last two years of MoD UFO desk’s operation in the National Archives website, which holds other UFO files that MoD has previously released.
The collection of 25 files containing 4,400 pages includes a letter written by two Staffordshire young boys. The letter includes a narration about an apparent alien with a lemon-shaped head that invited the two boys to come with them.
Also included are sketches from recorded sightings, such as the color of the lights by the unknown aircraft and its height.
Robinsons, a paranormal investigator for decades, called for the government to conduct a serious investigation on sightings, including old case police files from Bonnybridge, Scotland, which comprised of at least 300 sightings.
He said the Ministry of Defense has slowly released records from the government in the U.K. The U.S. has also been declassified documents that clearly show NSA had connivance with governments from other nations and known exactly the truth.


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