NASA Image Shows Brick Wall On Martian Surface

News from Mars continues to amaze a lot of people. There have been many findings on Mars that bring interest to humanity. The latest discovery is no different as NASA Curiosity Rover image seems to show a brick wall on the Martian surface.
One part of the picture shows the remains of a wall or building. When zooms in, it appears to look a strange structure with some precision.
UFOlogists show excitement with the find. Many are convinced it is a brick wall on Mars with perfect details, which is too perfect for it to be considered a natural object. They are especially amazed at its simplicity, yet perfect as if designed like the wall around someone’s backyard.
The image has received mix reactions.
One observer said that it is stupid and no way it’s legit as it looks so fake.
One believer, meanwhile, stated that he is very impressed, but worried of the kind of devastation that resulted to just a few artifacts or few bricks left.
The comments are interesting, but no one provides explanations why they come up with the conclusion. The alleged brick wall is just one of many things discovered on Mars that appear to indicate something beyond human understanding.
There have been so many hints of life on the Red Planet but remained just hints until today, such as a crab, a skull, and a ruined fort found on the Martian surface.


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