Photographer Captures Cigar-Shaped UFO Over A Mountain In Cyprus

Amazed with the scenery of a mountain and moon combination, a photographer captured more than what he expected. He noticed in one of his several images taken on the same spot a cigar-shaped UFO. The look of this object was mentioned in top secret papers of the Nazis at the end of World War II. It is reported that some scientists and engineers working on these top secret programs were sent to America under Project Paperclip.
These type of flying objects, wingless and windowless, are mostly seen hovering for hours and then accelerating rapidly. Witnesses, including pilots, commonly described them as being silver colored or metallic.
These cigar-shaped objects have also been often described as large ones between hundreds of meters and over a kilometer in length. According to some conspiracy theorists, their size appears to confine them to higher altitudes.
Some small ones managed to come near the surface of the earth cloaking themselves, but many witnesses still saw these little type of cigar UFOs because they sometimes uncloaked themselves accidentally.


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