National Leader Urged The U.N. To Take A Serious Look On UFO Sightings

WikiLeaks has revealed that a national leader went to the UN with proof of UFOs. Grenadian PM Sir Eric Gairy reportedly came before the U.N. in 1978 hearing with strong personal conviction that UFOs are real and of global importance and significance.
The PM stressed the need for the UN to take responsibilities and a serious consideration of the UFO phenomenon happening on many parts of the world.
A leaked diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks with evidence of a remarkable chapter in the history of U.N. revealed that Grenadian PM Sir Eric Gairy addressed the special political committee on Agenda Item 126 and proposed a resolution that would establish a group of expert to set guidelines for U.N. UFO Study.
Dr. Friday followed PM Gairy and four other speakers, who argued in favor of a U.N. clearing house for data exchanges and UFO research coordination.
A short film supplemented the speakers. It consisted of motion and still pictures spliced together to show actual UFO sightings.
According to a 2014 Harris poll, 77% pf Americans believe that there’s evidence extraterrestrials or space aliens have visited planet Earth.
Conspiracy theorists think that the U.S. government has concealed the facts on UFOs and aliens from the public for many decades.


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