World’s Best UFO and Alien Hotspots Revealed

Spotting aliens can be tricky, but heading to the ET hot spots will give someone the best chance of getting a close encounter.
Some people would not want to meet extraterrestrials, but others consider reaching to beings beyond Earth a lifelong dream.
The following are places known for UFO sightings.
Area 51 in Neva, U.S. Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the remains of a UFO involved in the famous Roswell Incident are hidden inside Area 51, a highly classified Air Force base.
The Nullarbor, Australia Many travelers in this Australian Outback have claimed UFOs chased them while driving down the remote area’s empty roads.
The Molyobka Triangle in Russia Also known as the M Triangle, the place is one of the UFO hotspots in the world with locals in the area have claimed to notice strange lights and symbols in the sky as well as seeing translucent beings. The M Triangle is located in the Ural mountains of Russia.
Roswell, New Mexico in the U.S. UFO spotting has never been exciting than in Roswell for most alien enthusiasts. The site is where an alleged alien spaceship had crashed in 1947. Shady government officials allegedly transported the remains and debris of the incident to Area 51.
Warminster, England The place boasts the mysterious stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. In the 1960s and 1970s, Warminster got the attention of the world when strange sounds were heard in the area. UFO fanatics from around the world visited the area, which has also become famous recently with unexplained crop circles.
El Enladrillado in Chile After a flurry of alien sightings had taken place in El Enladrillado, Chile’s tourist board formed the first UFO trail of the country. The 30 km trail passes through the Andes, from where it spotted until it allegedly landed at El Enladrillado.
Wycliffe Well in Australia Many called the Wycliffe Well as the UFO capital of Australia. Locals have been claiming to have spotted lights in the sky frequently.
Bonnybridge, Scotland UFO experts have been calling the location of Bonnybridge as The Falkirk Triangle, which is located between Stirling, Fife and the outskirts of Edinburg. More than 300 sightings are reported each year around this area.

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