Astronomer Claims Ancient Alien Technology May Be Hidden In The Solar System

Finding space alien life would be undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements in human history. Scientists have been concentrating on the possibility of alien life existence on exoplanets many light years away from Earth. However, one astronomer suggests looking harder for evidence of extraterrestrial life closer to home. Penn State astronomy professor Jason Wright writes in his paper that proof of aliens might be right here in our celestial backyard. For this reason, he suggests shifting our focus from the dark cosmos to our solar system.
Wright urges scientists to consider the theory that extraterrestrial life evidence might be right under our noses. The astronomer explains that leftovers from technological species might be easier to discover than biological evidence, such as microbes. Artifacts or other techno signatures from prior technological species in the Solar System may have survived to present day.
Wright points out Mars and Venus as possible places where intelligent life might have spawned and developed before it had gone extinct or simply left. He goes on to suggest that Earth may be holding secrets of an ancient alien civilization but has since been lost to erosion, plate tectonics, and shifting continents.
Soviet-born American writer Zecharia Sitchin introduced the theory on the existence of ancient aliens in Nibiru, an unseen planet in the Solar System, in his 1976 hit book ‘The 12th Planet.’ The theory states that Annunaki alien race had created the human race. Sitchin claims that Nibiru collided with Tiamat planet that was located between Mars and Jupiter. The collision resulted in the creation of asteroid belt and Earth.
Sitchin believes Annunaki aliens visited Earth to mine gold in Africa thousands of years ago. These advanced aliens needed workers for their mining operations, so they used genetics to create Homo Sapiens.


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