EU Laws Block Requests To Access UFO Sighting Information

A leading expert has claimed that the government hushed up UFO sightings using EU laws. The state has previously been granted the public the access to records, including detailed reports of mysterious sightings in the sky by civilian aircrews.
They are now discovering that the access has been revoked, referring to the European legislation. Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) receives several reports of strange sightings each year.
MOD’s UFO desk was responsible for collecting information on UFO sighting reports, but the responsibility has fallen to the CAA since the UFO desk closure in 2009. As a government agency, the CAA collected files should be subject to Freedom of Information requests.
Any member of the public who wants to gain access to data from government institutions can use these transparency laws. However, the CAA has allegedly refused to release any UFO sighting information, citing the 2014 European legislation.
UFO author Nigel Watson said that such move only ignites government cover-up of UFO sightings and related information.
Principle research fellow Dr David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University’s department of journalism had accessed the files from the CAA using FOI requests. However, he was refused permission to do it again earlier this year.
According to Dr Clarke, the change is an embarrassment on the part of the aviation industry. He said that the industry does not want to admit that its pilots occasionally encounter UFOs in the sky. He pointed out that authorities should be proactively promoting open access to records of UFO sightings, which is known as occurrences in bureaucratic language, to improve public confidence in air safety.
The EU legislation is designed to protect airline staff, including the pilots, who report witnessing unexplainable aerial phenomena. It states that the release of occurrence information to the media or the general public is not permitted, including in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. The occurrence information, however, can be released for the purpose of improving or maintaining aviation safety.


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