Man Saw Alien Looking Beings Pushing Their Vehicle In The Field

Philip Shepherdson reported having encountered a black triangular shaped object. He said the incident took place near York in North Yorkshire.
He was on country lanes near Easingwold driving his scooter when he turned left toward Huby. Then something strange distracted him.
Philip noticed the unusual black triangular object from his left hovering in the corner of a small field. Not believing what he was seeing, he stopped to get a better look.
Philip described the object as smooth with no control surfaces and sharp edges. The top had a cockpit with a figure inside it, Philip said.
All he could see was a black shaped helmet and some kind that was black overall.
He then realized there were two more slim looking figures by the side of the craft. They too wore black overalls as they tried to push the vehicle into the next field. Philip believed those strange looking beings were trying to conceal their vehicle among the standing crop.
These alien-looking figures then suddenly stopped and looked at his direction. He was shaking and time appeared to stop.
After seeing the entire thing, Philip’s mind could not take anymore, and he got on his bike and took off to work. The incident took place in February 1979, but only recently he dared to come forward and seek out other witnesses.


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