Two Pilots On Separate Planes Observe The Same UFO

When we heard of UFO sightings or UFOs being spotted it is hard to believe especially if the report is coming from a single witness. It is often written off immediately, simply because it is hard to verify or give proof of what an individual believes they saw in the sky.
However, when two or more individuals reported the same sighting, things get a lot more interesting. Seasoned pilots know things or everyday events in the sky, and when they witness an unnatural event, it is worth to give more attention to their reports.
Two pilots flying above Arizona on February 14th reported seeing a strange object flying above them. Even the FAA could not explain the UFO.
An audio recording of the incident reveals the bizarre sighting also baffled their air traffic controller.
The pilot of Learjet of the Phoenix Air recorded a conversation of the pilot and the air traffic control center. In the audio, the pilot asks the air traffic control if there is a plane above that passed over them, but the controller responds in the negative. Then the controller adds maybe it is a UFO which the pilot agrees.
The controller then contacts another pilot on an American Airlines flying above over the same area. The controller asks if they have seen anything that passed over them over the next few miles of their flight.
The Learjet pilot says that he does not know the unusual aerial thing, but it was flying in the opposite direction.
Moments later, American Airlines joins in the conversation and states that they also saw that unusual object flying above them and that it was operating two to three thousand feet above them.
The FAA states that no other planes should have there in the area of the sightings.
Based on the recording, those pilots did not think it was just another plane or a balloon. Now, this makes reports such as this one a lot more interesting and confusing at the same time.


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