Boss Great Wall: Gigantic Wall Of Galaxies Located In Deep Space

– The Boss Great Wall is believed to be the largest structure in the Universe.
It is a gigantic wall of galaxies, over a billion light years long and with 830 galaxies, combined into four superclusters; massive filaments of hot gas hold them all together.
The BOSS is located in a little-known part of the cosmos amd was discovered by a team from the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics.
Astronomers dubbed the structure – BOSS Great Wall, after the BOSS (Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey), which spotted it.
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The BOSS Great Wall is a tight network of four superclusters. The largest two form a stretched-out wall of galaxies that’s about 1.2 billion light years long!
This is one of only a few supercluster systems ever found.
The Sloan Great Wall, which was discovered in 2003, has a similar size but still not quite as large as the Boss structure, which contains 830 galaxies – twice as many as Sloan and is 170% wider than Sloan.
The BOSS has a mass of 280 million billion suns, (our galaxy, the Milky Way, has over 200 billion stars)It is lurking approximately 5 billion light-years away from the Milky Way, and it is 1.3 billion light-years in diameter.
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