The Amazing Kreskin On UFOs, Doomsday And His Own Mysterious Future (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Just a few days before the world was supposed to end, that psychic fireball of energy otherwise known as «The Amazing Kreskin» buzzed through AOL headquarters, and when we replayed the interview hours later, we were flabbergasted when the 76-year-old mentalist said he had signed his «final contract.»
Really? Did Kreskin know something that we didn’t know? He usually does.
On the day of the interview, everyone was talking about radio evangelist Harold Camping, who predicted Doomsday would come on May 21.
AOL Weird News didn’t take Camping’s claims too seriously. But when Kreskin told us that his next TV deal would be his last we started to wonder. Maybe Judgment Day was coming after all — and we’d all get to meet Elvis.
Luckily, the world didn’t end (though Camping is now saying Oct. 21 is the new date for the Rapture) and, better yet, Kreskin promised us that he’s not retiring. He was just rushing a little, and didn’t choose his words carefully.
«What I meant is that this TV project I’m planning will be the ultimate experience,» Kreskin told AOL Weird News. «Viewers will see something they’ve never seen before.»
As for Mr. Camping and the controversies surrounding his Doomsday predictions, Kreskin told us this:
«I immediately checked my predictions for this year, and finding nothing regarding such, went on with my life.
«Of course, if we are to respect for even a fleeting second the pronouncement of this holy man and his conviction, we certainly would expect that he turned over every single solitary penny of his possessions to a charity by the day before the end of the world. Not doing that would label his pronouncements as phony as a $3 bill.
«Of course this holds true as well for all the individuals who were ‘passionately certain’ that the end of the world was definitely coming. Unless they relinquished all of their life savings, the question becomes, ‘Why haven’t they entered politics, where lying through one’s teeth is clearly one of the basic skills of the profession?'»


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