Infrared Videotaper Kevin McCracken Captures UFO Squadrons Over Oakland, California (VIDEO)

Whatever Kevin McCracken actually videotapes in the night skies above Oakland, Calif., by the true definition of the term, he’s certainly capturing UFOs streaking overhead in formations.
Whether these unidentified objects in the sky are space aliens — or, perhaps, a flock of birds — remains to be proven.
Nevertheless, what this man has captured with his lens is extraordinary.
Using a Sony Handy Cam connected to an infrared scope, McCracken has successfully videotaped objects in triangular formations several times in the past year.
«I was alone for the recent video. My wife was in the house. From my own observations, on previous nights, I could not see these craft without the IR (infrared),» McCracken wrote on UFO
McCracken’s videos show conventional aircraft as well as possible orbiting satellites, shown as pinpoints of light moving in a relatively straight line in the night sky.
But the addition of his infrared scope revealed other things to McCracken’s video lens on the night of May 28, 2010.
«I used the IR scope and saw three squadrons of about five each similar craft on same heading near 10:00 p.m. Friday night,» he blogged.
«About five minutes later, a large triangle craft … followed behind them.  The three squadrons of small craft were traveling at least 10X speed over conventional fighter aircraft at similar altitude.»
While some may quickly shout «alien visitation, head for the hills,» McCracken considers a more mundane explanation for what he’s captured on video.
«My thoughts are these are our craft undisclosed to the public. Man, I would love to fly one.»
And others have been quick to chime in with their comments on UFO, including this writer:
«This is simply a flight of Canadian geese in typical V-formation, reflecting Oakland area city lights off their whitish underbellies and picked up on IR as a consequence. Nothing more, nothing less. Sorry to disappoint you.»


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