UFO? Satellite? Partially Wishful Thinking From an Artist?

On January 25, 2012, on a connector flight from Long Beach to Sacramento, California, traveling to the University of California, Davis to give a lecture and visit artist studios, I spotted what may have made a long time wish come true. An eyewitness to UFO activity! After a conversation with a businessman to my right, I turned to my left, began admiring the moon, reflected on my life, grateful for the moment, I noticed a floating light.
At first I thought it was an airplane, then a satellite, even another moon, because it seemed to not be moving much. Finally, when it shifted a few times, my inside voice exclaimed, «Oh my gosh! It’s a UFO!» I took out my phone and captured the footage below:
After my lecture, I shared it with some of the students. A few thought it was a UFO and shared their experiences. I was excited, but skeptical. Because there really is no way to prove what I saw is a UFO. This past week I visited youtube and search for footage that maybe captured UFO activity in the Sacramento area. I will admit the footage resembles what I captured.

What do you think? UFO? Satellite? Wishful thinking?

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