880-lb. Cow Dung Cobra vs. Lindsay Lohan’s Porn Partner: The Weird News Top 10 (Vote)

Who will get fired first?
That’s what we at HuffPost Weird News must’ve been thinking when we sent Dave Moye and Andy Campbell — two of our most accomplished, least mature writers — to Las Vegas for the porn industry’s AVN Awards.
Campbell quickly landed an interview with James Deen, Lindsay Lover’s sex partner in  «The Canyons,» in which she’ll top off what’s left of her career with an on-screen four-way, perhaps without shoplifting anything.
Campbell also took «Re-Penitrator» star Joanna Angel for a round of miniature golf and found she could really «putt out.»
Moye profiled porn industry «Performer of the Year» nominee Asa Akira and tried to explain why piracy and offshore competition is proving the industry isn’t recession-proof.
In other weird news, we saw several bizarre artistic statements, an 880-lb. cobra sculpted from cow dung, a DeLorean Hovercraft, and a hand-sanitizer ad that reminds you you’re never more than a few sweaty handshakes away from a sex toy.
In the world of amazing animals, one little pup’s life was saved thanks to vodka, and a fisherman was caught by a fish.
The sickest story of the week involved conspiracy theorists who think the Newtown shooting was a hoax designed to rally public opinion against the Second Amendment.
Meanwhile, other conspiracy theorists hunted for UFOs in Detroit and on the moon. The question of extraterrestrial life might even be answered, according to a scientist who says he found fossilized proof of ETs on a meteor.
Scroll through the top weird news stories and vote for the best below.


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