Shocking Video Footage Shows Black UFO Over Britain Skies

A video allegedly showing a bizarre rectangular alien spaceship moving over East Sussex has gained a lot of attention this week.

For many UFO enthusiasts, seeing is believing, and they think the latest evidence of an extraterrestrial spaceship visiting Earth has landed recently.

The footage seemingly shows a rectangular-shaped UFO moving at high speeds over English skies.

UFO researchers pointed out that the mysterious flying object is seen in three frames of the video. They added that it was mind-blowing to see a UFO flying that fast.

Many are convinced that it is an alien UFO because strange tunnel clouds appear in the background. They think that the UFO may be responsible for making that cloud tunnel, which is believed to be used for moving from one base to another on Earth.

A sector of conspiracy theorists says that cloud tunnels allow UFOs to travel from the locations they want while keeping them hidden in the human eyes.

However, the video shows that the cloud maker is caught.

The alleged UFO sighting is dated July 27, 2018, but it only surfaced online for the first time this week.


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