The abduction phenomenon and its implications for Disclosure — a British perspective

About the author:

Philippa Foster is a Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer, and is married to Alan Foster (Advisory Board of Exopolitics — Research and Education).

She is also a Registered Spiritual Healer and Funeral Celebrant.

She studied Spiritual Healing and the Bio-Energy Field at the College of Psychic Studies in London, and trained in healing Negative Energies and Entities at the College of Healing in Malvern.

She is also a Full Healer Member the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (now known as The Healing Trust).

As part of her work to provide Abduction Support for Experiencers, she has lectured to healthcare students at the University of Westminster, London, with her husband Alan, on the need for the medical profession to acquaint themselves with the physical, mental and emotional effects of the Abduction Phenomenon,

so they are better equipped to help their patients should the need arise.

She has also worked extensively in the Terminal Care and Bereavement sectors and is a qualified Funeral Celebrant — helping mixed faith families create meaningful farewells for their loved ones.


The Exopolitics Institute has a hugely complex task ahead, because if ‘Disclosure’ is forthcoming, we will have to be prepared to face all aspects of the Extraterrestrial phenomenon: from the wonderfully enriching Contact scenarios and the benefits that come with that, all the way through to the disturbing ET Abductions and MILABs (alleged Military Abduction) programs.

In order to successfully adjust to this huge cultural shift, people will need to know the whole truth, even if it is not always palatable, and there should be support mechanisms in place for those who need it.

The following article explores how we can benefit from decades of research by scientific, medical and academic professionals within UFOlogy, in conjunction with numerous first hand accounts from Experiencers themselves, to prepare for any potential ‘fall-out’ from Disclosure, and to enable humanity to forge a strong and rewarding future into the Cosmos.

One of the main aims of ‘Exopolitics’ and ‘Disclosure’ is to raise awareness of the existence of Extra-terrestrial races and to promote peaceful interactions with them. Therefore, there has understandably been much concern about how the unpleasant nature of the Alien Abduction phenomenon, and especially MILABs (1) (Military Abductions), may affect the public’s perception of ‘Disclosure’ (2).

It also raises doubts about whether widespread co-operation from High Level Officials is achievable. Indeed it is a sobering thought that the very people one hopes will legitimize Disclosure, may be complicit in such atrocities. But this needn’t wrong foot the goals of The Exopolitics Institute, as there is more to politics than speeches from high level politicians.

Politics should also be about helping people adapt to difficult issues — which in this case is recognizing that we are in a larger cosmic neighborhood, and then helping with the after effects of this revelation.

‘Disclosure’ will undoubtedly impact current understanding of History, Anthropology, Astronomy, Physics, Biology and Theology.

In fact, recognition of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life will require a complete reworking of our modern understanding of the world around us. But the MILABs revelations are a further destabilizing factor, which may explain government secrecy on the subject of ET Contact.

And the recent closure of the UFO reporting desk at the U.K. Ministry of Defense’s ‘Secretariat Air Staff Dept. 2A’ (01 Dec 2009)(3), seems like a ploy to avoid further scrutiny. It needs to be remembered that they rarely offered help, they merely recorded and investigated sightings and experiences — which they can now continue to do covertly without accountability.

However, we are not waiting for the First Contact scenario, as this has already happened. Most recently in the 1940s and 50s, but also many times in past history, with the interaction of the Sumerian ‘gods’ as a prime example.

The translations of Zecharia Sitchin (4) attest to the early genetic experiments on humans by the Anunnaki, so it should be no surprise that modern day Abduction accounts mirror these experiments, with an emphasis on inter-species breeding programs.

But while one can understand why an alien race may wish to study the intricacies of human existence, and even manipulate it, what is less clear, is why some of our fellow humans may wish to do the same.

The world recoiled at the Nazi atrocities and would surely do so again if people thought such things continued — possibly as an offshoot of ‘Operation Paperclip’ (5).


Unfortunately, the unpleasantness of the subject matter, means many UFOlogists shy away from abductees, as if they bring UFOlogy into disrepute.

However, this needn’t be the case. The wonderful thing about modern day UFOlogy, is that we have an embarrassment of riches as far as evidence of ET interaction is concerned.

And many of these interactions have been wonderfully enriching for the Contactees involved. So, yes, there do seem to be ‘good’ ETs out there. But unfortunately there are also ‘bad’ ETs. And it seems they may be getting help from some pretty bad humans too, if MILABs is a reality. One gets chastised for differentiating between Good and Bad, and I have thought deeply on this point many times, but feel that it is not prejudice but common sense to choose your allies wisely. The bible says, ‘you will know them by their actions’ and I think this can be applied to the Contact scenario.

It is not about species, but intention. The surface appearance is less important than the content of the experience, and as we know, looks can be deceptive.

Bob Dean (6) has said that it was the ETs that looked human that worried the military most, as they could walk through the ‘corridors of power’ unnoticed.

And also many people have reported the ability of some ETs/Interdimensional Beings to change their appearance or shape-shift. We also have to accept that Hybrids (7) and PGLFs (8) are also victims in all of this.

So Exopolitics has the most difficult of tasks on its hands, because if Disclosure is wished for, we have to be prepared to face all aspects of the phenomenon, some of which are truly horrific. I think this is a watershed moment for Disclosure where it moves to a level where all Experiencer’s accounts are embraced, not just the presentable ones. The human race is remarkably resilient, and people need the whole truth, even if it is not always palatable.

The recognition that there is a grimmer side of ET contact, actually paves the way for the most important task ahead, which is to get help for the victims of Abductions, whether they be perpetrated by ETs or Military units, or both.

We should aim to pursue this, even if Government Disclosure is not forthcoming.

We need more sympathetic medical professionals of the calibre of Dr Roger Leir (9), and the much missed Dr John Mack (10), so that when people suffer the negative physical and emotional effects of abduction, they can get the professional help they need, without fear of repercussions.

And Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey have made a huge contribution to our understanding of the science supporting the validity of abductee testimony, and I highly recommend their book ‘Sight Unseen’(11).

David Jacobs (12) and Whitley Strieber (13) have also made staggeringly important contributions by their fearless pursuit of the truth.

Make no mistake, Abduction research and therapy is not for the faint hearted. But we are in the privileged position of benefiting from their body of work, to help us collectively find solutions to the problems suffered by the victims of this phenomena. With this in place, it becomes easier to cope with the fall-out from Disclosure.

Recently, myself and my husband Alan watched an interview with Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, recalling his work with the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’, dealing with the aftermath of Apartheid in South Africa. I believe that Exopolitics will potentially have to play a similar role, because with the New Dawn of Disclosure, will also come the horror of revealing what has taken place.

But from that can come a new beginning for humanity, and forgiveness will play a huge part in that process. Maybe that was what was being alluded to in the film ‘District 9’.

It was awful to watch, but touched on many important issues. It was deeply uncomfortable because of its setting (South Africa), as a reminder of man’s inhumanity to man, but it also showed the social problems of being touched by an outside phenomenon. When the lead character was forever changed by his involvement with the aliens, and started to become ‘different’, he was not only cast out from his family, but they were even ready to offer him up to the authorities.

He then found himself experimented on by a shadowy organization, who wanted to benefit from his hybrid DNA so they could develop new weapons(14), and with whom there was no reasoning or mercy.

There was no one he could call for help, and instead had to live amongst the aliens who he had once despised. Indeed, I have heard many abductees and particularly Star Children (15) say to me, that although they hate what the ETs do to them, the social problems associated with being different, means they are often cast adrift by their loved ones, and they can’t trust the military who they fear are complicit, and so they end up forming uncomfortable alliances with their abductors in the absence of any better alternative.

Furthermore, they cannot go to their doctor with their physical problems (internal scaring, infections, implants etc) for fear of being considered mentally ill, and inevitably put on heavy medication, with the additional problems that come with that.

To compound the problem, the ETs sometimes tell them that they will make them well if they co-operate, which is clearly blackmail, but what alternative does the victim have?

The second major problem I have come across is the difficulties Therapists face in Britain when trying to help abductees. Mary Rodwell (16) sees the need for more help for experiencers in Britain, and I totally agree, however it has proved to be a very difficult task, and I have seen so much over the years that I now cannot in good conscience ask any more therapists to put themselves on the line, until some support is available for them too.

A few years ago myself and Alan helped to gather together a dozen or so Therapists, who were open to the idea of helping experiencers with any trauma associated with the more negative contact experiences. And also to give people the opportunity to share good experiences as well. It was very informal, but fully confidential, and often free of charge. It ranged from just offering a listening ear, to regression and counseling where needed.

In Britain, it was Complementary Therapists who were most able to help people, as they were more open minded to other realities than mainstream medical personnel.

Amongst the group were:

  • Counselors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Spiritual and Reiki Healers
  • Clinical Hypnotherapists

However, there was a high turnover rate of Therapists offering support to Contactees (benevolent contact) and Abductees (malevolent contact), because it tends to wreak havoc with the Therapists lives.

They get no support from the mainstream medical profession and it may harm their careers, but also, they suffer personal attacks from a variety of sources. Some just could not come to terms with the stories they were hearing. Others had their phones tapped, their homes buzzed by helicopters, and they often fell ill. Some were also subjected to abductions themselves.

And I think this is what was being depicted in the film ‘The Fourth Kind’ (17).

Whether you believe the content of the film or not, it does reflect the professional isolation and personal horrors that some Abduction Support Therapists have suffered. It seems the abductors are not happy to have interference with their subjects…

The therapists who stay the course longest, tend to be those who advocate co-operation, but there are many abductees who cannot ever accept what is being done to them, particularly if their children are being targeted too. (And in Britain this is very relevant as it is often a multigenerational phenomenon, which I will discuss in more detail later).

But people have to somehow survive their experiences, and in the absence of any protection being given to them, one can understand why people might choose to submit rather than fight against impossible odds. Maybe that’s what happened back in the 1940s/50s, when we are lead to believe that official agreements were made with certain ETs to allow abductions in return for technology(18).

Was it a case of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them?’ Are we still suffering the consequences of those decisions?

For the future, there are many wrongs that cannot be undone, but there is also a massive opportunity for change, and healing.

We need high calibre people to help with the effects of ET Contact, whilst keeping optimistic of the benefits of embracing our cosmic destiny. Desmond Tutu said that sometimes you have to open a wound to be able to clean and dress it.

ET and Military abductions are both wounds that need cleaning and dressing, to enable us to move forwards with the next stage of Contact.

Although I am not confident that justice will be done, a line needs to be drawn, where we say ‘this can never happen again’. And thanks to the brave souls who have spoken about their experiences with ETs andInterdimensional beings, we can see that beyond the few bad apples, there are also many more non-earthly beings who will treat us with respect.

Humans can be amazing, and shouldn’t have to feel inferior to our cosmic neighbors.

The benevolent ETs extend invitations to humanity to enter the Cosmic arena as equals, not subordinates, and it is important that we believe that, so that we make our own choices about our collective future, or we risk having it imposed upon us by beings whose motives are less noble. And The Exopolitics Institute and Disclosure are hugely important in this endeavor.

The next section covers some findings from British Experiencer reports and offers suggestions as to the help that could be made available. However, as a reminder that it is not all bad news, I will start with the Benevolent ET Contacts.

Benevolent Contact

There are many types of benevolent ET Contact, including Channelling (19)Crop Formations, CE5 events (20) and even face to face meetings. Generally these serve the purpose of acclimatization and to impart information.

Topics include:

  • Warnings about the environment.
  • Discouraging the use of nuclear devices and warfare in general.
  • Advice on diet, health and sustainable technologies.

There is always an element of choice on the part of the recipient, who is not coerced in any way.

It is a mutual exchange, which can be very enriching. Many different types of beings have been described, but often there is a sense of familiarity. The craft (if seen) tend to be more organic in appearance and in some cases ‘made of’ Light.

Other-worldly Lifeforms / Space Wildlife

There are also reports of living life-forms that appear to live in the upper atmosphere or space.

These include:

  • Huge Jellyfish or Manta Ray types (Britain and South Africa)
  • Large, floating, translucent tubes, which spawn orbs (Mexico)
  • Rods (Mexico)
  • Plankton-like life-forms seen swarming around the ‘Tether’ on the Space Shuttle’s STS 75 footage
  • Space worm filmed by astronauts

Sadly, there are also the Abductions and Coerced Contact experiences:

During these Abduction events, the Abductee has little or no control over the events and may even be harmed by them.

Unfortunately, these are the ones we must dwell on, because they are the ones which cause adverse effects and so demand our attention, so that we can find help for those suffering from them.

There are many types of ‘Beings’ described, but the most common are the GraysReptoids, Shadow Beings and Humans.

The following are some of the problems reported by British Abductees

Physical effects

  • Lack of sleep
  • Strange marks on the body, which sometimes ooze puss then disappear
  • ‘Scoop marks’ of various sizes, where flesh has been removed as if by a spoon. (From a few millimeters to 4cm across). Usually on the lower limbs, but with no injury to account for them. Often the skin is unbroken, as if the flesh was sucked out from beneath the skin(21)
  • Implants — reported in Brain, Temple, Foot, Leg. Some verified by diagnostic imaging (22)
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sickness and nausea
  • Radiation burns to chest, on an experiencer who got too close to a landed craft. His scars and related health problems persisted throughout his life

Psychological effects and conditions

  • Anxiety about when the next Contact is going to take place. This can be fear of the abduction, or in some cases — fear of abandonment if they are not Contacted
  • Inability to concentrate due to anticipation of next event
  • Depression and anxiety, which can impact upon family life, career and finances
  • Fear of being monitored by ETs and Military. This is understandable given the wealth of evidence to support this (23)
  • Increased appetite for study, with an emphasis on understanding more about Consciousness, Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics
  • Occasionally telepathic commands are given. These may become more insistent if not acted upon
  • Psychological manipulation, which can lead to a form of Stockholm Syndrome(24). The abductee reports terrible physical and psychological abuses, yet feels bonded to them and gets frustrated if they cease contact. This could be because the abductors use strongly induced emotional states to illicit a given response, which may create a form of conditioning over time
  • Feelings of leading a double life — their everyday life versus their hidden experiences of ET visitations. The exotic nature of the ET experiences have to be suppressed, while their everyday duties may feel increasingly mundane. This can cause frustration as they yearn to share their experiences with others but learn not to from hostile reactions to the subject. This leads to an internal struggle which cannot be healthy long-term. Therefore, they benefit greatly from sharing their stories with other experiencers
  • Above average instance of Autism and Asperger Syndrome in young British abductees
  • There is also a recognizable pattern of coercion, if the abductee becomes uncooperative on learning of their abductions:
    1. Flattery — saying they are chosen or special
    2. Trickery — making grand promises which are never fulfilled
    3. Bribery — saying they will cure their illnesses etc., if they cooperate
    4. Threats — on their safety and that of their loved ones. And using other ‘cooperative’ abductees to deliver some of these threats, but making it clear from the content that it could only have come from the abductors
    5. Actual harm, which again is made very clear as to the source of the suffering

Breeding program

  • Unexplained pregnancies with abductions timed to coincide with woman’s monthly cycles.

  • Women’s ova and men’s sperm being removed.

  • Women who believe they have hybrid children on craft, which they are periodically taken to visit. Mostly the women develop strong maternal instincts towards the hybrids, after the initial fear and shock, particularly in cases when a woman has already grieved for a supposed miscarriage, only to be told her unborn child had been taken.

  • Women who believe one of their children is a Star Child, with partial ET DNA. Usually the other children in the family will also believe their sibling is ‘different’ to them. (Possibly, by placing their DNA into human families, the ETs are seeking to facilitate greater integration.)

  • Women who have discussed their fears of ET interference during pregnancy with their mother, finding that she also went through the same, indicating a multi-generational pattern. In one case, the grandmother also concurred.

Social problems

  • Inability to get medical help without the assumption of mental illness being made. Abductees may also have a fear of doctors (and dentists) for complex reasons, including:
    1. the similarity of the surgery or hospital to abduction settings and instruments
    2. the inevitable skepticism shown by the medical profession to paranormal events
    3. over prescription of psychotropic drugs

  • Poor response from Priests and Clergy, who often assume demonic possessionas the cause. Although, the late Monsignor Corrado Balducci (25) made a clear distinction between Extraterrestrials and Demonic Entities as separate phenomena. However, there are some cases where spiritual assistance and prayer can be useful and effective.

  • Social isolation if family members, friends or colleagues reject the experiencer’s accounts.

  • Bullying at school or workplace if they mention their experiences, can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Psychic effects

Increased psychic abilities:

  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telekinesis

Often the ETs take credit for this, but it is a natural ability latent within most people which can be awakened by spiritual study and energy work.

I therefore think it is more likely that either:

  1. ‘psychically sensitive’ individuals are more likely to become aware of the ETs presence through their subtle senses
  2. the ‘beaming’ technology used to transport abductees to crafts or bases etc., could activate the ‘energy body’

By possibly converting the body to an ‘energy state’ for transportation, it could clear blocks from the aura, accelerating natural psychic development (26).

There are many reports where people recall being moved through walls and ceilings, and in the ‘Witnessed’ case (27)Linda Cortile was seen being transported through the bars of her apartment window. It seems these people are in a temporarily non-physical state which allows them to pass through solid objects.

However, newly developed psychic abilities can be turned to good use and needn’t be a destructive development in the experiencer’s life, although there is a need for more good teachers in the field of metaphysics

Time effects

Missing Time and Translocation.

Translocation is when the abductee is moved bodily from one location to another without their consent, and they are not always returned to the original place of abduction.

Sometimes, when the abductee is not returned to the point of origin, it seems like a mistake on the part of the ETs, other times it seems like a deliberate display of power. Translocation can involve just the person/people but can also move entire vehicles.

Translocations are at the heart of abduction phenomenon, as the word ‘abduct’ literally means to ‘take away’.

Missing Time has been interpreted as an indicator of an unrecalled abduction, and conversely, some Translocation events seem to take ‘No Time’, and it is this fact that proves a Translocation event has taken place, as there was no ‘journey time’ to account for the arrival at the new location.

The above list shows the multiplicity of problems associated with negative ET contact, however, there are a few things that can help abductees to cope, as follows:

  • Meditation

(This can be useful no matter what one’s religious beliefs, and there are many different types of meditation, so it should be possible to find a method that the individual feels comfortable with.)

Meditation has many benefits and is particularly helpful in disciplining the mind. This can help the abductee to overcome some of the hypnotic techniques used by their abductors. It can also help them to become lucid during an abduction, so they can communicate with their abductors. It can also alert the subject to remote influencing.

  • Prayer and ‘Lightwork’(28).

  • Sharing

Sharing experiences with other Experiencers can be beneficial.

  • Hypnotic Regression

This can be used to retrieve missing memories of an event. However, some people are too afraid to fully recall their abductions. Sometimes it appears the memory has been tampered with to make the person forget, but sometimes memory loss is the body’s way to protect the mind from further trauma, and the memories may spontaneously return when the time is ‘right’ for them to remember.

  • Counseling

This can help with integrating the experiences into normal life. It can help treat Post Traumatic Stress. It may also be needed to deal with other repressed memories which may be revealed during a regression.

What the abductees need

  • Removal of the social stigma
  • Medical acceptance of Abductions and Close Encounter phenomena
  • The right to confidentiality
  • Greater acceptance of the science behind abductions, particularly the nature of matter, energy, consciousness and time, which is crucial in validating witness testimony.

In conclusion
There is a certain amount that can be achieved to address the ‘symptoms’ of ET and Military Abductions, however the ‘cure’ can only come through full Disclosure.

This is why it is such an important endeavor, and why it must be handled with great care.

References and Glossary of terms

1) The British MILABs phenomenon is discussed in the DVD ‘Bases 2 — Take 2’ by Miles Johnston.

2) ‘Disclosure’ was a term originally used by Dr Steven Greer M.D., when government and military officials gave ‘Disclosure’ testimony on their knowledge of ET technology and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, at the National Press Club, Washington D.C. in May 2001, and requested Open Congressional Hearings on UFOs and ETs. The term is now used to describe ongoing official revelations of intelligent ET life and technology. See his book ‘Extraterrestrial Contact — The Evidence and Implications’.

3) The Ministry of Defence UFO reporting desk was staffed by Nick Pope from 1991-94, and he maintains that some UFOs were of defense significance. This post was later replaced by an answering machine. Then on 01 Dec 2009, the facility was withdrawn altogether, despite the MOD admitting receiving thousands of calls.

4) Zecharia Sitchin translated ancient Sumerian Cylinder Seals, which revealed a creation story similar to ‘Genesis’ in the Bible, but including references to visitations from Extraterrestrial races, genetic engineering and space ports. His books include ‘The Earth Chronicles’ series.

5) ‘Operation Paperclip’ was allegedly an amnesty given to certain Nazi scientists after World War Two, who were then taken to America to work on the Space Program.

6) Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean worked at S.H.A.P.E. Headquarters in Europe, where he saw a document in 1964 known as the ‘Assessment’, which stated that the military were aware of several different ET races visiting the Earth.

7) Hybrids — are Beings that are believed to be half alien and half human. Generally described as being like a human child but with gray alien facial features. However, this term can include other genetic mixes. Some abductees believe their ova were harvested, then a hybrid embryo was implanted into their womb, then removed mid-term. This complex subject has been covered in books by Budd Hopkins & Carol Rainey, David Jacobs and Mary Rodwell.

8) Programmable Generated Life Forms, reported by whistleblowers within the MILABs program. Described as artificial aliens, programmed to carry out tasks. Debate continues as to whether they are controlled by the Military or Real ETs or both.

9) Dr Roger K. Leir D.P.M. — organized surgical removal and analysis of alleged ‘Alien Implants’ from a number of people, as reported in his book ‘The Aliens and the Scalpel’.

10) The late Dr John E. Mack was Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who studied ‘Experiencers’ of ET ‘Contact’. His books include ‘Abduction — Human Encounters with Aliens’ and ‘Passport to the Cosmos’.

11) Budd Hopkins was one of the early pioneers, with Dr John Mack, of using hypnosis to help abductees recall abduction events. His book ‘Witnessed’ reveals that some high level officials are aware of this phenomenon. His book ‘Sight Unseen’, in collaboration with Carol Rainey, explores the science behind some of the exotic phenomena associated with abductions, including ‘invisibility’ and ‘genetic engineering’.

12) Historian David M. Jacobs has recorded many accounts of abduction and inter-species breeding programs in his book ‘Secret Life — Firsthand accounts of UFO abductions’.

13) Whitley Strieber. His book ‘Communion — Encounters with the Unknown’ awoke many people to their own experiences. He co-wrote ‘The Coming Global Superstorm’ with Art Bell, which became the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, prior to widespread acceptance of Climate Change.

14) Some Experiencers and military insiders have reported that some UFOs seem to be ‘driven’ by a ‘bio-interface’ linking the ET pilots with their craft.

15) Star Children — children growing up within human families who experience high instances of ET Contact, and who are told by the ETs that they are related. Their mother’s believe their pregnancies were tampered with mid-term. The children often experience feelings of divided loyalties between their human and ET families, to whom they feel equally bonded.

16) Mary Rodwell — Midwife, Counselor and Hypnotherapist, offers support to Experiencers worldwide. She runs ACERN and her books include ‘Awakening’.

17) ‘The Fourth Kind’. Film depicting the struggles of a psychotherapist in Nome, Alaska, trying to help possible abductees retrieve missing memories through hypnosis. It is unclear whether this psychotherapist exists, but there were documented accounts of 24 missing persons or suspicious deaths investigated by the FBI.

18) Timothy Good’s book ‘Need to Know’ points to alleged meetings between ETs and President Eisenhower at Muroc (Edwards) Air Force Base. Shirley Maclaine’s book ‘Sage-ing while Ageing’ states further meetings took place at Holloman Air Force Base where agreements were made. Colonel Philip Corso, who worked at the Foreign Technologies Division of R&D for the Pentagon states in his book ‘The Day After Roswell’, that the ETs “were harvesting biological specimens on Earth for their own experimentation. As long as we were incapable of defending ourselves, we had to allow them to intrude as they wished. We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them as long as we couldn’t fight them”.

19) Channeling — telepathic communication received through meditation or trance.

20) Close Encounter of the 5th Kind is when people initiate contact through meditation or directing lights into the night sky in hope of a response.

21) Scoop Marks — theories include harvesting skin for DNA, or to be used as a keratin ‘wrapping’ around Implants to prevent rejection by the body. See ref. 9.

22) Implants — see ref. 9.

23) Visits from Men in Black types, phone taps, helicopter harassment.

24) Stockholm Syndrome — when kidnap victims or hostages, start to identify with their kidnappers and emotionally bond with them. The term originated from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden.

25) Monsignor Corrado Balducci was on a Vatican Commission looking into the UFO and ET reality. He was also an Exorcist and Demonologist.

26) For information on the Aura and Human Bio-energy Field see Barbara Ann Brennan’s books ‘Hands of Light’ and ‘Light Emerging’.

27) see Budd Hopkins — ref. 11.

28) ‘Lightwork’ — term used to describe the invocation or visualization of ‘Divine Light’ to restore healing and harmony.



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