How to Contend With Aliens During Direct Interactions

How to Contend With Aliens During Direct Interactions

Some technologically advantaged aliens will take advantage of unwary populations. It’s in their animal nature to do so. So, it’s up to us to do a global disclosure about aliens as soon as possible in order to avert a resource takeover scheme. If we don’t, we’re easy prey.

In order to protect ourselves and be more competent, we need to soften the processes of human government and educate the public about aliens. We need to share more equally so that borders make little difference, as is the case with borders in present day Europe.
A recent UN study suggested that if each human family has but two children, the world’s population will fall to 2.3 billion by the year 2100, allowing all to live at the standard of Europe, Japan, the US and Canada.

At the moment, we’re burdened by the illusion of perpetual growth: burgeoning population that provides cheap labor for elite enterprise, which furthers elite detachment, leading to depletion of resources, desperation, and vulnerability to a destructive intervention. Instead, we need to reduce population and replace the ruinous habits of (whole-numbered) money greed with the fractional, integrated habits of advanced societies, i.e. allotment based on sustainable resources rather than primitive impulses.

Otherwise, we aren’t competent as a planet, and human culture may be obliterated.

In the meantime, we need to teach humans how to contend with aliens. Should we fail to do so, we risk open intervention by the grays’ alignment, which may try to gain sway via their reported claim to have had a role in the lives of three human prophets, their claim to be able to correct our ecology (if given control), the influence of their pre-positioned breeding program operatives, their secret deals with black budget elites, and their offer of otherworldly technology in exchange for a presence here.

Judging by outward indications, their strategy hinges on infiltration, competing tensions, and human naïveté.

So, it’s a tricky situation. As Michael Salla writes, we need to raise public awareness of off-world politics because black budget elites in Europe and North America got in over their heads with the gray alignment and now find themselves dangerously compromised. On the one hand, they depend on an alien colonizer for a trickle of technology and information. On the other hand, they can be blackmailed and manipulated for having sneaked behind the public’s back to allow an (uncontrollable) alien presence on this planet.

With that in mind, here are some tips about how to recognize manipulative alien strategies, how to contend with their mind-activated/mind sensing psychotronic technology, and how to remotely probe aliens, in return. Although some readers may not interact with aliens anytime soon, those who do so will find the following helpful.

The first step toward competency is to recognize that you already have the necessary brain physiology. You don’t need to be implanted to telepathically communicate with, or remotely sense and probe aliens. However, you do need to be mindful of alien/cosmic norms, or, better yet, embody them.

Remember, your mind’s awareness can cycle into more than one place at a given time — smearing far, far out while it also negotiates an inward, negative cycle. This allows you to do remote sensing. It also allows for the next step in human consciousness: global identity over national identity. This may not sound like much, but it’s a liberation.

From the moment when you first define yourself as a citizen of the planet more than a given country, you’re less vulnerable to being misled or cowed by the insular scams of a nation state. If a leader or cabal intends wrong to the planet, your larger, smeared-out global/universal consciousness resists; it simply doesn’t recognize them.

Instead, your status as a citizen of the globe takes priority. It sorts out right vs. wrong and poses the only comprehensive solution: global agreement. Nations cease to be potential weapons. Instead, they’re simply states within a larger commonality. To take this one, simple step in your mind makes the world a more pleasant, single village. It also spreads your consciousness out into a more advanced kind of mindform, a faint but finely and tightly resonating awareness.

Any two good humans who interact this way are more of a match for a troublesome alien. When we begin to interact as a globe or community of mind — when we see past individuality and share thoughts telepathically, any two or more of us are greater than a Verdant or a gray. As a telepathic group/social entity we spread out across time and space, which allows for new capabilities.

This is due to greater extension (alt-cycle potentials), and the greater consideration of more minds. *Ironically, larger brains literally occupy, and can resonate across, a greater extension of space-time.

Spread out across the globe, when we collectively return to pick up sentient investigative threads of thought that we last shared while interacting, we’re part of a hyper-dynamic that some aliens find it difficult to compete with. Because we lack psychotronics to cue us about what we last discussed, aliens think that we tend to forget what we were doing, previously. We tend to slack off and repeat our errors.

Community mindform with good, independent critique is highly regarded by aliens and is often their aspiration. In our case, knowledge of other languages helps, but in the meantime, the language of ideas and relationships is universal. It’s already there (and is ± faster).

So, even at a remote distance information can be teased out using a simple relationship between light and electrogravity.

As Tom Bearden says, when light waves are converged from opposite directions to meet and cancel out along each of three different axes (i.e. x, y and z, although not always at right angles), they bleed into electrogravity (a kind of artificial gravity). And, conversely, when electrogravity is converged so that it cancels out, it bleeds back into light waves.

So there’s an inverted, back-and-forth relationship between light and electrogravity — it underlies all inner, nuclear gravity. To make electrogravity, deftly pulse and condition the contours of the energy and it happens — it feels as though your mind’s awareness does a half-spin and a half-flip (it reverses polarity) so that it converges energy and opposing energy waves mirror each other and cancel out. The energy hasn’t disappeared; it’s still looking for a place to go.

In order do this, you use different brain structures, nerve contours and probably even atoms to converge energy in your mind. It creates standing waves, a seemingly flat-line state in which you instantly and intricately pulse energy ever so slightly down into nuclear depths — which foldedly resonates both inwardly and far outwardly at the same time. You contour and vary the pull or resonance with distant phenomena and/or categories.

Although it sounds like a jumble of complex parts, it happens all at once (the contouring aspect is like any of your fast thoughts).

When you first do this distant kind of resonance, it has a subtle out-of-body feel. Overall, you use your normal amount of mind energy when you do this, or less. You cohere within a larger (intelligent) order.

Again, as with aliens, this kind of energy is finer and more delicate, more distributed and airy than your normal thought.

* Your brain has up to 133 x 1024 atoms and even more atomic particles (foci) in it, each of which features numerous light phenomena when interacting.

Again here’s a three-day exercise to get you up to speed on remotely sensing aliens.
Remember, scientists write that human brainwave frequencies normally range from 5 to 30 hertz, or cycles per second.

Brain waves of your resting, tranquil states are called extremely low frequency waveform, or e.l.f.’s that range from 5 to 11 hertz and can pass through solids easily. So, telepathy is easily possible in such ranges (remote sensing resonates more deeply inward in that resting state — it cycles “negatively,” as such, while it also connects far outward at the same time).

Here’s a beginning exercise that I suggest often. Close your eyes and just relax. Clear your mind of all concerns. Make it a dark blank. Then raise your hand up and hold it near your head (eyes closed). Using the structure of the nerves in your brain (and elsewhere) try to sense that hand, not visually, but its energy fluctuations. In both e.l.f. and negative cycle terms, it will register faintly.

Once it registers, move it slightly. You’ll be doing a kind of remote sensing of it (not visual, not through the arm’s wetware), and the movement vivifies the awareness. It’s as though every movement pulls on a deeper, more elastic sense of time, and fluctuations. A more vivid example is to have someone hold a baby close to you when you have your eyes closed.

Using the same methods, you’ll feel the baby’s radiant innocence. It’s one of the most vivid experiences of the sort. When you do this correctly, it feels as though your mind’s awareness does a half-spin and a half-flip so that it converges mind energy and opposing energy waves mirror each other and cancel out. Then you contour your mind’s focus so that it resonates with the distant surface or space that you’re sensing.

What you’re actually doing is called «toh shi,» in the traditional Japanese sense of the word. *Russell Targ, PhD, taught hundreds in the CIA how to do this.

Step 2: Find a place near a wall or part of your house where there’s window glass, plusmetal and some wood or drywall (a kind of chalky stucco-like material in interior walls).

Now stand or sit nearby, and, using the nerves in your brain (not your eyes), «feel» the different areas, taking time to concentrate on one (i.e. the wood), then another (i.e. glass), then others. What you’re doing is like tasting the elemental energy of each different material. If this is the first time you do it, you may not notice much of a difference today because it’s your first «taste» of each.

However, tomorrow, after you have a memory for how each “feels” in that sense, you should begin to notice that different kinds of materials feel different to remote sensing of the sort. (Japanese call this toh shi). Different atoms in each material have a different spectrum and emit different kinds of energy, hence your ability to feel a kind of difference. Again, be sure to do this with your eyes closed so that you don’t confuse it with visual information.

You have to be able to make your mind a dark blank before trying to feel different materials in this way.

Try it on different days, preferably later in the evening when you’re more settled and your brain can calm into those low frequency ranges. You’ll especially notice the contrasts between two different materials in your immediate scan. Then, when you begin to notice that you can sense the feel of different materials (stick to basics like wood, metal, plastic, etc.), you can move up to bigger tasks.

For example, pick a neighbor’s house and close your eyes, then feel inside to sense what materials are there. You’ll then sense their shape. Don’t try to guess or deduce; just let whatever you sense come into your mind. Try this at intervals later, with different enclosures and so on. It’s effective over distances, ironically.

And finally, remember — remote sensing of the sort takes you into a more condensed kind of physics in which minds can meet and share, communicate and form agreements.
So, go with a very social sense of the larger continuum, and be on your best behavior.

Before you begin on day three, you should allow a day for your first «taste» sensing, then
try it again the next day. An extra day helps.

DAY THREE — a whole different category
Part 3: If you’ve proceeded through the first two parts, this part is important.

Again, psychologists note that when you begin to do remote sensing of the sort (or even if you merely think about an extra-sensory capacity), new dendrite connections grow in your brain between cells.

Like when you learn a foreign language, it enhances intelligence.

If you’re comfortable with the previous exercises, now you should try sensing into buildings in order to do preliminary whole-body sensing of humans (their whole bodies).

Also, try sensing animals’ thoughts (fast but subtle imagery, feelings — small birds are best to study because their fast, subtle movements and impulses are more akin to an alien’s idea of desired mind-impulse speed). If you sense or communicate with birds, don’t focus on a point in their head. Instead, resonate with a space around them.

To different sensers, humans will appear to have different energy features. Some sensers will immediately shift into a telepathic awareness of an individual’s consciousness. Others will note a seeming collective awareness quality in the people in a given location. You can essentially stretch and change your focus/resolution when sensing people.

All nerve structure has energy that «bleeds» into the environment, however subtly. If you’ve been doing the above exercises, you know how it appears.

Some sensers may look for a seeming light, or a glowing quality to the whole human body (which will be starkly more pronounced in the cranial area). You may also notice that different people can be connected, in various ways.

* They may not notice that you’re remotely sensing. As one contact told Phillip Krapf, to do telepathy, begin with another person’s extremities, and then work up to his/her head.

Of course, the same basic considerations are important: non-violation, gentleness, and no sexual manipulative impulses (they would tend to backfire, anyway).

Better yet, there’s a very subtle, almost elusive collective awareness, almost like a soft, soft floating microwhisper of the shared, deepest concerns, feelings, and more — common to most of the people you’ll pick up on. You can tease this out, but remember: it’s part of a larger social identity that other species, off-world and withal have kept close track of — probably since we evolved intelligence.

So, this aspect of human awareness comes replete with highly evolved, albeit finely textured safeguards. When you sense consciousness, you participate in it. Please, don’t ever tutor a violent or criminal person in your developing awareness.

Unlike some other individuals, I would advise against trying to financially gain from your developing awareness because the highest forms, the more vastly, deeply connected of all human+ sensitivities branch out into equalitarian societies (and a much more equal human future, believe it or not). I’m not even religious, but this aspect is so much like g — o — d that, well… (no gender, of course, and not singularly individual, but broadly, finely social).

You can see how quickly remote sensing develops into profound long-term questions, possibilities, and more. In your sensing of others, you can tease out details but there’s a larger, vastly more evolved kind of continuum/sentience which, owing to the ironies of condensed, inter-dimensioning physics, is, in some ways, essentially looking back when we look out.

Here’s an advanced exercise: try to see yourself from above. You may — if you’re doing this all correctly — actually see exact, real-time details. However, such vividness isn’t so important, nor usually something that your body energy can sustain for long. You can also begin to see entire locations from above (this may not go well if you aren’t a good, non-violating person, I must caution — they aren’t so welcome withal.)

Finally, and this is important: this same capacity for sensing humans is how you can sense aliens. But remember: they often have psychotronic systems that can detect who is probing. In my case, I’m integrated into a larger, non-violating, fairly ordinary native and interested observers’ context, hence my probing is studious and I report on it for larger human readership.

You can get a nearly instant sense of other humans: their feelings, moods, concerns, underlying considerations, but it’s a kind of snap, or flash sensing of such (not a visual flash, not in the way that you want to be too noticeable about). With aliens, you get a sense of whether or not they are secretive about a potentially harmful agenda, or whether they lack material motives here and are simply studying us.

Know how to not violate aliens and know how to pull back, yet keep your sensitivity alive in the surrounding continuum if you encounter a problem case (think about telling someone you can trust if complications arise, and try to get word into internet circles). If you’re doing the above exercises, you’re developing a second depth of awareness. You might want to think about the weird science of it — it helps you advance your awareness.
Remote sensing can be done because all quantities and relationships are merely fractions of the universal near-whole. They resonate back and forth (fractional hyperdynamics).

I’ve helped a variety of people in this regard, and the awareness can be variously begun upon. I can’t begin to state all the implications of such awareness in this brief space — they are astounding and involve a process of discovery, plus a very agreeable kind of humbling, a transparency in which no human can continue to violate others without losing out in a major, all-of-time way. Indeed, the all-of-time implications will help you lose your fear of death and may help you commit to necessary, ongoing human improvements.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, part of this kind of sensing will allow humankind to locate and isolate human offenders of the worst and most brutal sort. (*end of 3 day exercise)

If and when you interact with aliens, they will have mind-activated technology that both accompanies and assists in the interaction.

Electronic and electrogravitic/magnetogravitic technology of the sort can sense brain waves, and in the alien case, can compare them to recorded data in order to translate explicit, verbally framed strands / clusters of thought into computer or alternately networked signals. In addition, thoughts can be read from a remote location or can be amplified for projection to another location.

This allows aliens to coordinate their technology and make it respond more quickly so that they can check on finely structured, multi-contextual data and get reminders without having to use their fingers. Psychotronic technology is also used to amplify the thoughts of aliens in a network so that they can be aware of each other in order to get their thoughts across.
To give you an example of how that feels, here’s how “three ellipticals” hyperversals set their network for use in interacting with humans and IFSP aliens. When you’re included in their focus of communications (or monitoring), you feel as though the time-space surrounding your thoughts is sharply inflated outward. It feels as though the structure of space-time there is essentially flipped, rotated and stretched far out (in every direction) to where the given aliens are.

On the one hand, it makes communication easier and allows for more vivid communication of mind graphics, but on the other hand it doesn’t allow for privacy. It allows a number of such aliens to essentially hover around your thoughts and comment, or try to divert you if they choose. During a row with a “three ellipticals” hyperversal (after I worked on David Rockefeller’s case), I was harassed and targeted with some unusually demeaning remarks on their part, plus their typical dose of infantile, pop cultural handicaps.

After one particularly nasty episode (threats on their part), I worked to cleanly cut myself off from any exposure to them, whereupon one of the supervising “three ellipticals” hyperversals tried to say that if I cut them off, the inflated, threshold amplifying effect of their psychotronics would also go (* which sounded good to me, given that the structure of hyperspace in our vicinity already allows for a finer, more expansive networking of the sort).

Mind-activated psychotronic technology can record thoughts and information, allowing an alien to coordinate his or her thoughts with previous data to boost memory and allow more vivid recall. In other words, an alien’s seemingly phenomenal memory isn’t always internally generated. Part of it may be psychotronic.

This sometimes leads to scripted, almost chart-like recapitulations by some aliens. When interacting with an alien, you may notice this because some of the information teases out into space-time.

So, what does alien psychotronic technology look like? Some versions may have monitors, relays, and displays like a human computer but are more compact and durable. Other versions are built into the very structure of an alien craft and its materials. Since the craft and/or site are built to respond to marginally faster-than-light negative energy (and alternate cycle) impulses, the materials in a craft’s walls and other structures must be made of specially designed metals and other hybrid materials capable of nearly instantaneous energy transitions.

Some of the materials may be part living, and part inorganic. *You’ll rarely see right-angle corners in alien craft. Instead, the structures are curved and bent to resonate with and respond to, or be integrated within, the waveform and alternate cycle resonance of advanced technology.

Curved Tesla structure that can roundly concentrate or channel energy is built into them, as are hyper-fast, integrated membranes that can appear or disappear to allow for focusing, antennae, and instant relocations or reconfigurations of such craft.

The fine-scale structure of a craft’s wall materials is capable of storing and retrieving condensed-state waveform (fractional waveform that tunnels down through a deeper resonance in space-time). It’s also integrated into a larger network of faster-than-light technology. This doesn’t mean that it can’t sometimes lose signal connectedness with other craft and sites.

A yet more advanced kind of alien technology is capable of resonating within, and storing information inside of, the very atomic structure of its surroundings. This isn’t as weird as it sounds because such technology can loop its communications into deeper fluctuations that tie the inward, gravitic fluctuations of atomic nuclei to the simultaneous outward expansion of hyperspace. As is seen in what humans call “quantum computers” where tiny bits of mass can store vast amounts of information, networks of the sort are extraordinarily capable (as is so much of this universe, by the way).

In other words, with his or her eyes, a human may note little outward indication of electronic circuitry in an alien craft because the craft is mostly wireless (using electrogravity/magnetogravity fractional waveform that’s integrated into a larger network of remote “absorbers”) and because materials capable of fast energy transitions are built into all parts of the craft.

However, a human who has learned to be sensitive to negative/alternate cycle fluctuations will detect high-energy streaming both within the fine-scale structure of the craft’s materials and also out, about the craft. It’s fairly easy to detect, in part because such energy is full of information, due to its psychotronic aspect. As you pull your perspective away from the craft, you notice a markedly accentuated high energy streaming to the alien’s larger network (assuming that you’re up to speed on remote sensing).

Owing to the dynamics of advanced social interactions, the more gentle and civilized a person is, the more he or she may have in common with networks of the sort, given that such networks are transparent to successively more advanced societies.

Apollo scientist David Adair’s story about touching what he described as an alien “electromagnetic fusion reactor” is but one example (it seemed to sense him, in return). It’s a simple fact of life: alien networks prefer non-violent, ecological people, as does their (smart) technology.

Again, we don’t merely live in an intelligent universe (the ability to manipulate intelligently); we live in a hyper-intelligent universe (pre-existing networks of intelligence within intelligence) where wrong-headed ideas about power and control or elite privilege are their own kind of prison. It’s best to be on the right side of that decimal, so to speak, integrated into the finer fractional relationships of hyperspace.

So, how do you detect an abusive use of alien psychotronics? If you’re one of those 2.3-12 million or more humans involved in alien interactions, you may note an extra resonance to such interactions, a technological kind of damping of thought, on your end.

This may be due to an alien’s psychotronic security setting, an electrogravity/ magnetogravity-induced slowing, or localization of your thought processes (due to Δt/alt t). It’s fairly subtle and you might simply attribute it to a kind of thickness, a dull feeling on a given day.

However, if it’s alien psychotronics, there’s something about you or your future potential that’s regarded with caution, hence the deliberately set slowing tactic. You may also note seemingly stereotypical, uncharacteristic thoughts popping into your head in a way that you find bothersome or distracting. They won’t feel like your norm and are intended to divert you from a given course of consideration.

Here’s an example of how such a system can affect you: on a given day, you approach a (possibly alien-related) task with a good, conscientious overview of your project, but with a psychotronic damper directed toward you, you would approach the same project without the same overview.

Your thoughts would be limited in scale.

* I experienced the US military’s version of scalar electromagnetic technology late one night 1978 when a convoy of (presumably plutonium-carrying) helicopters passed over a family member’s house in Paducah, KY, site of a plutonium plant. It emitted a broadly dispersed scalar field that made us all feel slowed and gummy, apparently in order to dampen awareness of the low-flying convoy. Compared to alien psychotronics, it was primitive.
In our current situation (an intervention by materially motivated aliens), you could be targeted psychotronically because you’re either too conscientious, too likely to detect subtle indications of the given aliens, or you’re likely to report your observations of the sort to other humans — again, assuming an awareness of alien interactions, to begin with.

In my case, I’ve experienced such, but I’m unusual in that my reports exceed the human norm. If you’ve had any interactions with aliens, whatsoever, chances are you already have an awareness of, and can characterize, the feel and larger connectedness of their high-energy streaming and psychotronics (which is the norm, not the exception, among aliens).

With a little thought or coaching, you can revisit that network and its implications. Contactees tend to find that they develop an extra-sensory awareness of phenomena around them. They may have a second depth of awareness that defies the old, linear sense of time and physics (they remotely sense distant phenomena), which is why aliens of the IFSP intervention may try to dampen that awareness.

Again, when challenged or stressed, some aliens resort to thought-disruptive, or even brain damaging patterns of behavior (encouraging a human to dive into habits like substance abuse, primitive notions of whole numbered quantities everywhere, misplaced sexuality, and other diversions that may seem simple-minded).

An alien may try to make you think that your awareness is limited to your head, and your head only, when, in fact, the alien is resonating far beyond his/her own small skull as part of a much larger network of interactions (human can easily do so, also). If an alien uses such tactics on you, you may notice that it’s an alien, due to the stark physiological and behavioral differences between you and an alien. However, it’s possible that a subordinate human-alien hybrid may be assigned to your case.

If such occurs, your attempt to remotely probe the “alien” at the other end will be frustrating because instead of an alien, it may seem to be a human.

The giveaway in such a case is the culprit’s ability to almost seamlessly avert detection of his or her physical characteristics and environment. In other words, a human-seeming hybrid is there but has advanced psychotronic technology that’s used to thwart your remote probing.

On the other hand, if you’re a person of good character and are committed to a more honest and transparent human community, sympathetic aliens from neighboring systems may try to help you exceed the IFSP’s intervention. So, listen to sympathetic aliens, if you will (much of this book derives from sympathetic alien interaction). Such aliens think humans need to get up to basic speed in order to be responsible for the local ecology and ward off an overgrown aggressor.

There are value-based judgments involved in this, basic issues of right vs. wrong and commitment to the common good. *All societies have minimum standards.

So, how can you safely study aliens during interactions with them? First off, try to learn, as best you can, who they are, where they originate from, and what other aliens they affiliate with. They may be reluctant to state such information at the outset, but, please, have patience. Information of the sort invariably arises, however obliquely.

Be careful to check to see whether the alien is honest about who they represent, and whether, in superficial terms, they try to feign some other ambiguous status. The more experience you have, the less they’ll be able to mislead you.

And, please, try to glean whether or not the alien is materially interested in this planet or its environs. This is crucial because an immediate material interest tends to corrupt their judgment. You may want to lead the alien through an ongoing series of considerations about the current human situation.

In other words, test the alien’s attitude and disposition about human corruption, the compromising of human elites, and various (realistic) scenarios for committing human society to the common good.

If you’re too direct in this, you may be deceived, but if you’re fine and subtle and you continue to pursue such considerations over time, you should begin to note whether the alien is at ease with good human priorities. You detect the subtle resonance of each idea in the alien’s mind. If the alien tends to clam up as though afraid to betray an attitude or agenda that might disturb you — if that silence is too cold and thick, too singularly detached, be careful.

There are advanced remote sensing techniques for checking on a given alien group’s entire context, methods that are extraordinarily reliable, but in order to do so you’ll first need to tease out some of the basic characteristics of such aliens. Finer, better minds can always prevail in such context (they tend to be more subtle).

As a human, you must be able to suspend or eliminate violent impulses, explosive metaphors, killer lingo, and so on. Otherwise, you may be too crude for extended interaction (instead, you may find yourself shunned or taken advantage of). A good alien may allow you some time to eliminate crude tendencies in your outlook, knowing that you may be new to advanced interactions.

But once they know that you’re aware of advanced standards, they’ll check to make sure you’ve become more civilized, in the universal sense of the word.

You’ll do better to remove or discard misplaced clichés in your thought and expression. For example, when interacting with aliens, it isn’t wise to use much first person singular reference or to talk about what is “appropriate” (implies acquisitiveness). Don’t use shooting metaphors. Don’t use language that has any gender bias, whatsoever, and, please, don’t pretend to be entirely unique. It’s best to think in terms of social identity and to use, clear, clean logic. Otherwise, there may be question as to your competency, in the off-world sense.

When interacting with aliens, try, as best you can, to let your mind go further than is normal on this planet. Keep your mind clear and unbiased so that unexpected images and thoughts or metaphors can register in your consciousness (they’re definitely there, if you’re interacting with aliens). Allow for greater breadth of consideration than you’d expect in a typical, Earth-based conversation (this can be refreshing, to say the least).

And remember, there are minds (and models of mind) that can monitor all such interactions, i.e. through unusual structuring of time. So, neither you nor the alien acts alone, or in isolation, especially in situations as dynamic as that of Earth, now — which occur relatively infrequently, on a galaxy scale. You may hear critiques that make you uncomfortable, which is good, because that means the alien is being honest.

And whatever you do, don’t speak from an elitist perspective because if you do, you’ll be seen as simple-minded or one who is easily duped, given the ecologically ruinous and immature nature of elitist perspective.

The best aliens value each and every person, irrespective of his/her job — however menial, because that’s the nature of commonality. Again, within hyper-community, the best you could ever be is equal (also honest, sharing, and thoughtful). Outside of Earth, oppressive subcultures fail to integrate as community of mind. Instead, they’re merely telepathic/psychotronic.

Meanwhile, community of mind is informed and respectful, an equal commonality by nature. Community of the sort inspires a special kind of genius.

Psychologists have found that when we think verbal thoughts, our vocal chords vibrate slightly. In other words, your body physiology resonates in relation to such thoughts. The same is true of aliens, which means that if you’re attentive you’ll get at least some sense of the physiology, the verbal (and thought) tenor of the alien.

This helps you distinguish one alien from another. It also helps you distinguish between a relatively harmless alien and an IFSP predator, for example.

While on the subject, how can you ward off or defeat an abductor? You best defense is to informed about them, especially their technology. Know how to do remote sensing (see above) because whenever they’re in your vicinity, even if they numb you out, you can later re-visit their mindspace to tease out their intentions plus details about their craft and their technology.

Personally, I don’t want to encourage human sapping of alien technology, but in cases of abduction you have legitimate reason to probe in return. You can even probe their network, their locations and their doings long after you’ve been abducted because abductees are exposed to the psychotronics and have a lifelong memory (however repressed) of how it feels, how it networks, and its basic settings. This is most important because IFSP abductors don’t want you to know what they’re doing and how their technology works. The more you know, the more you report back to other humans and probe with a vengeance if the aliens have harmed you, the less they’ll want to have anything to do with you.

If you are violated or abducted, even though you may feel immobilized, your mind is still active and can instantly expand the space of its sensing, as we noted above. When you do this, it feels as though your mind’s awareness does a half-spin and a half-flip (it reverses polarity) so that it converges energy and opposing energy waves mirror each other and cancel out.

The energy hasn’t disappeared; it’s still looking for a place to go. In order do this, you use different brain structures, nerve contours and probably even atoms to converge energy in your mind. It creates standing waves, a seemingly flat-line state in which you instantly and intricately pulse ever so slightly down into nuclear depths — which foldedly resonates both inwardly and far outwardly at the same time. It feels as though your awareness is greatly expanded.


You contour and vary the pull or resonance with distant phenomena and/or categories.

Although it sounds like a jumble of complex parts, it happens all at once (the contouring aspect is like any of your fast thoughts). When you first do this distant kind of resonance, it has a subtle out-of-body feel. Even if you’re being abducted, the slightest instant fluctuation of your awareness can cycle into hyperspace and sense all of the aliens’ technology, their larger network, and more — even if it doesn’t register vividly to you, at the time (you can revisit it, later).

Remember, you sense into and all across a larger, faded space surrounding the entire location rather than merely concentrate on one immediate physical aspect or another. All you need to do is slightly vary that larger space that you’re sensing within, and all the interior details can be remotely sensed, however faintly.

That greater, larger space is always active with energy, and it cycles into larger, competing alien or human networks that can be of help to you.
And remember, a faint but seemingly cloud-like multiple granular, quantum-like quality must be preserved in your look at a distant location — it is actually a disperse cloud of quanta, overall when best viewed in hyperspace (and that quality will actually allow you much more precise, back and forth resonant awareness within it). None of it is solid.
So, if you know someone whose life has been harmed or distorted by an abductor, please coach him or her in how to defend against it. Tell them to look for all the details they can absorb and then subtly re-visit them later — tease them out (inflate them out) for a better reading. And remember, it isn’t wrong to do so. If our neighbor aliens were here, they’d tell us the same. Who wants IFSP abuses in their vicinity?

If the IFSP isn’t exposed and sent packing, it will target them, too, in succession.

Here are some other manipulative alien tactics we need to be aware of. First off, if I’m not mistaken, the IFSP has deliberately seeded the Rockefeller/DuPont black budget mafia with the IFSP’s low-end psychotronic technology (mind controlled and also mind-monitoring). This was done so that they can monitor, try to control and thwart humankind in various ways — first, to maintain security and secrecy at all “joint arrangement” sites, and secondly, to protect repressive IFSP basing and other gains here.

Ugly as it may sound, IFSP aliens can tip off direct operatives’ goon squads when big secrets are leaking, or are about to leak here. Worse yet, using electrogravity, the IFSP can remotely access our electronic communications and can be expected to use psychotronics on a global scale (in the way that the NSA taps all phones) to protect their foothold here.

Verdants’ disproportional rake of other peoples’ environments and Verdant desire to dominate has led them to do the same to junior partners in the IFSP.

* Seeding corrupt human elements with electrogravity weapons technology and psychotronics parallels the way that Verdants have manipulated or have directly done planet kills previously. They flush crude technologies in, then wait for them to be misused (or they use their own). In some cases, it allows them to expand their empire, although they may be cut off from neighboring galaxies and a more advanced majority, as a result.

The seeded version of psychotronics on Earth can track human targets, pick up on thought keywords, then alert intervention-controlled or human military and intelligence subordinates to unwanted developments.

However, there are limitations. Human technicians sit at the monitors, sometimes coarse individuals who send out crude language and gestures to targeted human invividuals. A friend of mine experienced this for years after working for the Parsons Corporation, where he saw secret documents about government contracts for psychotronic technology, ironically.

We can assume that IFSP technology was first seeded here under a paper-thin guise:

offered as though it would help secure “joint arrangement” sites against whistleblowers or “foreign” investigation.

Then it was used by, or in conjunction with, corporate goons and by “direct operative” IFSP families.

Again, it’s a low-end version of psychotronic technology (colonizers don’t give out their best). Humans who avoid ensnarement in the IFSP web — humans who prefer to assimiliate within a more diverse alien community can easily exceed and slip beneath low-end psychotronic radar. Here’s how you can do so.

Remember our earlier discussion about “negative energy?” Well, it certainly isn’t the limit but it sure helps to go negative when a psychotronic offender is in your midst. And how do you “go negative?” Avoid linear, forward-streaming verbal thoughts when you probe into a psychotronic network (or when they’re trying to pick up on you).

More importantly, be sure to dim your mind’s energy levels way, way down. Drop it down for what seems like five orders of magnitude (you can do this immediately). Make your thoughts more softly, finely textured so that it isn’t just one, single thought but is a finer, blended (condensed) overlap of many faint considerations (a rested state that’s more spread out, using more of your brain, by the way).

That’s “going negative” because when you’re like that, your thoughts can resonate into a “less than zero” energy level, and this allows you to move far beyond most human and IFSP capability.

It also allows you to participate in a smeared out kind of non-locality that can exceed what you once thought possible. Of course IFSP aliens knows about negative energy but they often can’t think like you do. Many of them lack critical thinking skills. They’ve been cowed and herded into conformity and obedience (you may not hear a single IFSP alien speak out against their regime).

In other words, your most hopeful advantage over them is to be of better character. For example, are your associates (and related operatives) working to foul the ecology and fragile social order of millions of people? Are your associates kidnapping people and trying to maximize corruption among them in order to make them more vulnerable? For most of us, the answer is no.

Meanwhile, that’s what IFSP aliens are doing to your people. See the difference? Better character is more highly regarded in this universe, even if you don’t have advanced technology.

A people under direct IFSP assault must work to improve their character and must communicate among themselves accordingly. Communications of the sort must be on a global scale, lest they be ineffective. With practice, time, and fine, non-destructive character you can literally, fadedly step off of the oppressor’s scale and essentially look back from an extra, double distance.

The better and less violent you are, the more you can do so. Alien psychotronics in corrupt alien hands are prone to error. Due to bad assumptions, intellectual defects and deformities of character among some IFSP aliens, they can’t be where your finest mind network is (more spread out, increasingly more shared, in a sense). So, they’ll try to linger mug-like and too close then get you to repeatedly run a thought through your head in low-order, easily detectable verbal terms.

All thought has verbal aspects, but IFSP aliens will try to get you to think as though your slowed, speaking voice is the norm in your head. How do you get around that? Learn to recognize uncharacteristic, low-order internal dialogue that comes from outside of you. Simply shut it off and probe the offender using finer methods, or remotely inflate their thought outward so that you and others can get a better reading of who it is.

You can be creative about this, given that each of us has different sensitivities. It helps to resonate around an IFSP alien’s pattern of thoughts in a subtle, non-visible way while also spanning it inwardly (negatively) as you inflate it outward into a configuration that you can instantly yet subtly flash-read from.


* Don’t let them monkey you with low-order diversions (a favorite IFSP tactic). You’re competing with some planet-killing colonizers, so be bold and don’t give up.

If IFSP or other aliens use psychotronic technology (mind-activated/mind-sensing) to divert, confuse or monitor you, you can subtly test and identify that psychotronic tech-nology, even if you’re far away from it.

If you suspect that such technology is being used against you, all you need to do is subtly, instantly expand the space of your sensing all around the distant location. You may not sense the immediate details of that location, but you are nonetheless getting an exact, indelible reading of them (this occurs faintly but precisely in the dark of your mind).

It’s best not to sit and think you must go head to head with a machine or technology in an alien craft or site, which is why you expand your sensing into and all across the space surrounding that distant location. That way, you have an advantage. Then you can subtly, instantly tease out the identity and characteristics of the alien (or aliens) who operate that technology.

If you’re being directly monitored, there’s probably an alien psychotronically controlling that technology, and you can instantly sense who and where he/she is because the alien & technology are directly entwined in space-time. If you remember to do so, you can also instantly feel into and across that alien’s entire network of communications and affiliated aliens. If you detect alien psychotronics of the sort, you can also expand the space to find out what the aliens are doing and why. So, you don’t have to be slave to advanced alien technology.

You can always instantly exceed it and deftly identify it — if you’re patient.

Another alien tactic to watch for is the use of remote voicing. This can be tricky and is sometimes used to dazzle and impress human naifs in order to make them feel disadvantaged. Here’s how it’s done: relatively advanced aliens (i.e. the IFSP-associated “three ellipticals” subculture) use their psychotronics to inflate your mindspace and thoughts outward.

They do this for two purposes:

  1. they can monitor you in detail
  2. they can resonate into a series of essentially concentric energy shells around you for security purposes

With their energy shells in the time-space around you they can stump you at a low shell level if you try to probe them in return.

When they set up psychotronic energy shells around you, you usually only notice two energy shells in the space around you — your first, inflated mindspace, and then their second hyper-space that technologically monitors your attempts to feel outward (and inward via a negative energy dynamic).

If you try to probe them, in return, their system will try to contain your awareness, but it can only do so within limitations. If you’re adept and you assimilate within higher order, non-violating awareness, you can immediately inflate (and alt-cycle inwardly) beyond them. Rather than be trapped within their exploitative limitations, you need merely think in terms of universal equality (hopefully forever).

It’s the best way to avoid ensnarement in alien Big Brother schemes (they exist and are many).

Using psychotronic energy shells, remote voicing is easy to effect. An alien of the sort can set the energy shells so that his or her remarks resonate out in the second shell, which makes it seem as though the alien’s remarks all come toward you from your surrounding environment. Comments can be set so that you “hear” them (telepathically) only when an external noise level occurs in your environment.

In other words, you “hear” a remark when a bird chirps or a noise arises near you. That simultaneous overlap can make a naif think that it’s almost godly, surely a higher order of mind.

Sometimes, there’s a kind of gravity filter in such cases. For example, a corrupt (i.e.“three ellipticals” subculture) alien’s remarks will register only in resonance and sounds that come from the lower elevations of your immediate environment (beneath the level of your cerebrum), while a more advanced, attending alien can resonate from higher up — in relation to your head.

This is partly due to the fact that like humans, an alien’s low-order, dishonest impulses stem from lower brain physiology (down toward the spine).

Dishonesty is more physical in that sense. Your best guide for distinguishing between aliens is their character: non-offensive vs. exploitative aliens like Verdants and parts of the “three ellipticals” subculture.


* Remote voicing shouldn’t be confused with a reported phenomenon known as synchronicity, which is a possible bending back of time into, and through itself.

Most readers haven’t interacted with such aliens, just yet.

However, you may encounter multi-shell psychotronics in the future because human contacts increase and evolve with time. Verdant psychotronic systems are primitive, in comparison to “three ellipticals” hyperversals, and are mostly done with a simple outwardly-scaled setting (it only inflates outward), which, ironically, reflects the exploitative nature of Verdant society, at present.

The difference between a Verdant system and a hyper-advanced alien’s psychotronics is vivid and unmistakable.

Some aliens of the IFSP and “three ellipticals” subculture will try to bait a human into clunky, often erroneous assumptions and will then assert the contrary. This allows them to interpose as though the human were clueless. Bait and switch tactics continue until you call them on it or cut off all interaction. The same aliens often preach to the crowd by floating stereotypical, low-cultural ideas into human telepathic interactions — especially if such interactions involve competing aliens.

It’s not that they, themselves, think that in that low-cultural way. Instead, they’re simply trying to fob it off on humans. If you manage a good critique of IFSP-related aliens, they sometimes intrude with lucid dream sequences (often frightening) or repeatedly wake you at night in order to fatigue you so that you can’t argue effectively the next day.


They may wake you (via remote psychotronics) before you’ve had a good night’s sleep and then keep you awake by psychotronically stimulating the part of the brain that controls wakefulness.

One of their favorite tactics is to intrude so that when you wake up, a running train of their ideas averts all other considerations. This can be most annoying. It’s as though you’ve been crowded into the back of your head — where you simply watch what’s going on. When this occurs, your thoughts aren’t as roundly global within your brain as they would otherwise be. Instead, you feel perturbations from outside, and the thoughts aren’t your own.


If this ever happens to you, be careful if the intruder’s thoughts cause a drop down into lower brain-stem areas (the lower parts of your brain near the spinal cord). Those are the primitive part of a brain where anger and frustration may arise. That kind of drop down into lower brain function disrupts thought and makes you more prone to react.

The solution is to relax and ignore the tactic. Remember that you’re free of their regime, and do as you normally would.

If a corrupt alien uses alt-cycle technology to bounce verbal messages into non-cranial parts of your anatomy (this can actually happen — you literally hear it in a muffled, inwardly cycling way), don’t encourage them to continue. Don’t respond favorably because the ∆t of such technology of the sort can age human tissue, and, according to astronaut Gordon Cooper’s scientist friend who encountered an alien disk, an alien said it may be bad for the human liver. (See Cooper, Leap of Faith, p. 286)

The most manipulative aliens lack a sense of boundaries.


They ignore basic protocols in order to gain advantage over others and their resources. When intruded upon, a human might think aliens are more advanced so they must know better. However, some aliens live under psychotronically-policed regimes that have abused their citizens for so long that basic distinctions about right vs. wrong may have withered, as have their sensitivities.


Some “three ellipticals” and IFSP aliens are notorious in this regard. They intervene in human telepathic interactions in order to disrupt good, honest critiques. We see intrusive, often infantile assumptions about the one-ness of their regime and its inability to make mistakes.

It can seem Big Brother-like. They constantly try to avert criticism of their methods. They (and their minions) wrap themselves in a compulsively chatty cocoon of insular diversions and will sit and lie, misrepresent and babble on, often projecting lower-brain, physiological noise in order to dismiss contrary viewpoints. When others in their immediate environment are watching, it can be worse, due to conformist pressures among such aliens. It can degrade into conspicuous exercise of authority.


“Three ellipticals”/IFSP aliens sometimes take this to ridiculous extremes: they try to make humans think that their alignment originated important human thoughts, even though evidence indicates otherwise.


They sometimes dribble trivial tidbits of info our way, after the fact, in order to prevent us from feeling responsible for a discovery or a scientific development in human thought.

“Three ellipticals”/IFSP aliens seem to feel most comfortable about cocoon-like chatter when a few of them float in low-gravity settings — perhaps because the physiological pressure of seats and hardware could betray specifics about their work environment, and because they sometimes prefer to obliterate ugly thoughts and floatingly replace them with smoothly idealized groupthink.

This raises an interesting question:

how does reduction of sensory inputs (i.e. zero g) affect the behavior of aliens? Does it make them more suggestible and compliant?

The pre-noted attempts to obliterate ugly thoughts are most noticeable when human or human-alien discussions of IFSP operatives’ crimes arise, although the given aliens tend to wait until human discussion of the subject has faded.


They prefer to appear subtle, even if they sometimes aren’t.

As one feminist writer noted (in a different vein), such behavior is typical of colonizers who try to truncate a target population’s identity in order to impose their own, preferred model. As part of the scheme, the target population is made to feel ashamed for simply being as they are. In part, it’s a hustle by materially motivated aliens, an attempt to squeeze out mention of alien competitors who might allow us more space and consideration. In part, it’s a regressive kind of manipulativeness.

“Three ellipticals” aliens tend to do the talking, apparently in order to pre-empt IFSP aliens and maintain an image of total control.

They seem to want us to think they’re the only aliens in our vicinity. It’s partly an attempt to pre-empt human interaction with native neighbors. Should humans give IFSP aliens the boot, “three ellipticals” aliens will say that they tried to prevent us from lurching out into neighboring space with weapons. They’ll try to say that by having had our first brush with non-native, IFSP aliens, we got up to speed on alien basics and avoided making mistakes with our actual native neighbors.


To date, they’ve made such remarks only after being pressed for an explanation of damage done to humankind by the intervention.

During remote interactions with aliens (telepathy/remote communications) if you inquire about or raise a certain subject of legitimate concern and you detect a pregnant alien silence, a seemingly frozen stilling of thought on their end, they may be trying to hide something from you. They can use psychotronic technology to further diminish what you detect about them.


So, listen for a pregnant silence — it may be an important indicator. In order to subtly tease out further indicators of what they’re trying to hide from you, continue to raise related aspects of the subject in your thought or communications (essentially fleshing it out better) while probing across the aliens’ space (i.e. from a variety of directions — a kind of instant resonance all across a great kind of orb-space, in a sense).

Or, if you suspect an unseen alien remotely monitoring you, you can do exactly the same. A pregnant (electogravitically stilled, frozen) silence can mean an alien is there, and when you tease out his/her context (as noted above) you can gather who it is, from where, and doing what, etc. If an alien is actively monitoring you, you’ll notice perturbations, a secondary resonance (in a kind of second depth around you).

You can also instantly expand your perspective out into a greater space, on a greater scale, to trace out his/their energy network and locations.

One manipulative alien tactic often goes unnoticed. Some aliens try to dominate and control the thought agenda during interactions. They try to manipulate the context in ways that box you in and limit your consideration. They don’t want you to question or label their behavior.

In such cases, an alien may presume that he can scan out all of the intelligent implications in the space-time surrounding a situation like that of Earth. Actually, aliens don’t think in terms of space-time, the old Einstein-Minkowski concept. Instead, aliens frame it in terms of deeper negative and alternate cycle resonance that can connect through hyperspace.

Theirs is a more flexible idea of how flat space-time can be spin-flip inverted into, and resonate across hyperspace — with deeper potentials.

Because you may not agree with his agenda, an alien may be reluctant to concede that you have valid, independent ideas. So, in order to divert you, he may use psychotronics to make you think that bothersome, projected thoughts are your own. This is done to limit your awareness and bog you down in archaic, pre-quantum perspective (solids, concretes, and local considerations, only).


He may try to get you to frame your thoughts from an adolescent perspective, i.e. women as objects, selfishness, and fearful anonymity.

On the one hand, it’s an attempt to limit you to an unevolving sense of yourself, an impossible fullness of a sort (as if the alien can fill in all of the blank spaces around you). On the other hand, it shows that the alien thinks he can instantly encompass and master, if not control, all of the human context — the thoughts, the space-time and the information content embedded in that space-time (human concepts). Remember: aliens think in terms of larger, often shared consciousness that resonates fractionally in hyperspace.

So, humans who are limited to a sense of straight lines and the speed-of-light seem primitive to them. Imagine how you’d feel if you saw a caveman baffled by his reflection in a mirror — that’s how aliens feel around some humans.

Meanwhile, aliens generally think their own minds are capable of a categorically larger, nearly instanteous information capacity.

Underlying the assumption are helpful alien psychotronics and the further assumption that ideas and higher orders of mind resonate fractionally across/within a larger continuum. So, if an alien tries to stump you with run-on, low-order chatter it may be an attempt to keep you down and prevent you from independently assimilating within a finer, possibly competing order.
Remember, in some alien alignments (like that of the grays), an older, dominant population has created a variety of hybridized, genetically contrived sub-populations who have no independent history, no independent cultural traditions or critique, which is why they don’t question what, to you, seem to be abusive policies.

In other words, an entire branch of downstream history in that alien alignment is one of hierarchical obedience, and planned, manipulated populations (which is why we sometimes see a lack of sympathy, flexibility, and new ideas among them).

To locate an alien site, or sites, on your planet, first you need to expand the dome of your remote sensing to get an overview of your nation, region, or continent. That way, you can sense all alien network energy flows (gravitic) to alien individuals and sites. Alien underground or underwater sites stand out starkly, due to the high-energy flow of alien gravitic technology, alien psychotronic security systems, communications, and the many alien individuals on the site (all of them entwined in the psychotronic energy network).


Because alien technology is gravitic (an artificial kind of gravity fluctuation), you can deftly use your planet’s downward gravity tilt (toward the planet core) to nearly instantly bundle and essentially “see” or locate all the alien sites in your region, nation or in any other part of the globe (it’s best to pick one section of the globe at a time).


Your planet’s gravity adds a downward-pointing aspect (toward the planet’s center) to all of those alien sites’ energy streaming, which also allows you to sort them all out, faintly but instantly. You feel and sense them arrayed very neatly, all at one time. Experienced remote sensers can sort the details out easily.

An alien’s artificial gravitic network inherently ties into your planet’s gravity (although not solely the gravity of your single planet). There is greater, or deeper gravitic flux, of course, i.e. that of your galaxy, the Virgo supercluster of galaxies, etc. Your location gravitically ties into much larger cycling of gravity.

So, your nearly instantaneous sensing of a large area can be seen all at once (you faintly, remotely see it all from above — in the dark of your mind). From that high, expanded perspective the high-energy stream of gravitic energy from all of the sites, many at one time, is essentially bundled together. It’s as though you sense the different energy streams (to and from each site) from a perspective out in space.

That perspective is necessary because it sees more, and it points you to the alien mothership (or distant location that’s coordinating all the sites you detect).


Remember, different kinds of aliens have different energy networks, so if you’re looking for the abducting gray alignment’s sites, concentrate on those without being distracted by some other possible alien location. When you sense the energy streams to different alien sites in your region, nation, or continent, it feels like the different sites are on different strings or strands of gravitic energy streaming both to and from out in space.


All you have to do is then zoom in instantly on any one of those streams to check details of that site. You don’t zoom in on a point; instead, it’s a space (a deeper, more intricately connected volume, or space).

To remotely sense vivid details of an alien, you can configure yourself (your focus of larger resonance) at one side of a large orb-like space between you and any alien in that site, the alien being situated exactly at the other side, which allows you to focally see/sense the alien’s entire physiology faintly yet vividly (although if you use this method vividly they will probably detect you).


But if you work with a human network when you do this, you have backup and people who know about you. So, if an alien violates you for simply being vigilant about their ongoing violations of humankind, you can answer the offense by increasing, invigorating and expanding the human investigation of those aliens.

Our investigations are expanding and evolving rapidly here, so you’re not alone.

Most importantly of all, humans need to remember that a vastly larger alien community is certainly monitoring the uninvited intervention by a distant colonizer here, so good humans have the sympathy of many alien neighbors. However, the larger community’s priority is clear and obvious: humankind needs to first correct the primitive, classist stupidity here (an elite’s reluctance to share equally) in order to even comprehend the nature of inter-stellar interactions.

Aliens stress that if we get that much right, we’ll then see how outer space weapons and violence are considered dangerous to trade & scientific interactions between worlds.

As was suggested in previous pages, an advanced and more capable tactic is to first fade your mind energies way down, then instantly expand the space of your (subtle, faint) remote sensing over a large, orb-like expanse of space (you resonate faintly all across that space). That way, your sensing is subtly faded yet can encompass a greater, more complex space.

For example, let’s say you’re remotely sensing an entire alien site located underground (or underwater) on this planet. An advanced way to resonate both across and through it is to place the dome of your perspective at a faded double distance from the site. Then, keeping the intensity of your sensing faint and subtle, instantly expand the space of your sensing to encompass both the site and its distant mother ship (or command location).

So, you’re sensing across both that larger space and the smaller sub-space. An even more advanced but easy method is to then (subtly, faintly) instantly expand the space of your sensing to include all of the preceding, plus the same aliens’ other base locations or planets. *It helps to add an extra distance surrounding all of that so that you’re less likely to be detected by those aliens.

Most importantly, remember: you’re sensing into and across all three spaces faintly yet precisely. It’s like a so-called Venn diagram: one sphere overlaps with a larger sphere, while both are contained within a yet-larger sphere (they’re “co-homologous”).

If you were to sharpen or vivify your sensing of any one part, it might subtract from your larger sensing of all energy, networking and communications in any of those sub-parameters. You can sense the goings on and relationships between all of those places, and, once you’re satisfied that you’ve identified what you’re looking for, you can remotely zoom closer to sense any part of that larger network in isolation (remember — faintly yet precisely from an extra double distance).

If you’re doing this kind of remote sensing, you’re participating in a larger kind of mind-sensing both in & across hyperspace.

So, what you’re seeing and configuring is essentially three different spaces (a 3-space) comprising:

  1. an orb-shaped space surrounding the alien base site
  2. a much larger orb-shaped space with the alien base at one end and the mothership (or command) at the other end
  3. an even larger orb-shaped space that can be instantly configured to contain either another alien base or a distant planet (or planets) occupied by affiliated aliens

All of what you’re contouring (or configuring) is subtly faded to correspond with the larger scheme of the universe, i.e. a smaller space (the alien site on your planet) that contains the least amount of the total universe’s energy and space, while the second space contains that alien site plus the mothership so it’s slightly stronger in intensity, and the larger third space contains more of the universe so it, in turn, is slightly stronger in intensity.

However, none of these 3 spaces encompass very much of the total universe, which is why, in order to be best and most accurate, the 3-space you’re sensing into/across must be faintly faded in comparison to the larger universe (which is your measure, or standard of comparison).

In short, the subtly faded nature of each successive orb-like space (in your 3-space) is faint and faded because it corresponds precisely to the larger and more intense scheme of energy & space on an entire universal scale. If you don’t preserve that faded quality in your remote sensing, you won’t realize the nearly instantaneous greater information & sensing capacity all across and through that 3-space.

Remember, from our limited perspective, greater universal quantities course, or resonate, more subtly and finely.

While on the subject, this same faint & subtle schema is precisely what we see in alien behavior: non-violence and faint, non-egoistic listening / openness to any successively greater premise or interaction. They both live in, and think in terms of, a slightly faded yet deeper kind of hyperspace that allows for nearly instantaneous, long-distance resonance.

We can now live in and resonate across that same, subtly connected hyperspace.

The following is an advanced technique (it’s actually a simple fact of all remote sensing that soon becomes obvious to remote sensers — you’ll be doing this without even noticing it, later). When you remotely probe or check on alien violators you can store information in a violator’s space-time (within the tendentiously linked extra dimensions there) for later recall, or possibly even later access / activation. This kind of information is fractional (a resonating fraction of the larger universe), not a binary kind of relationship.
I know that sounds strange but it’s a simple fact of life when interacting within/across the kind of hyperspace that remote sensing connects into. Hyperspace is simply a slightly more deeply fluctuating, underlying basis for all that we see in the universe. It doesn’t require an impossibly high level of energy to resonate across hyperspace. Instead, it’s merely a matter of contouring and timing — it happens nearly instantly. If you simply converge and cancel out waveform, in your mind for example, the thresholds for resonating into/across hyperspace are slight and subtle.

For example, if you want to check on alien violators (details of their location, their systems and communications), first you must get a reading of the space all around their location, which (although you may not notice it at first) contains all of the information and details in their location.

So, when you get a nearly instant reading (a darkened sense) of that entire space, you can revisit it later in finer detail. Let’s say there’s a gray alien alignment mothership near Earth, i.e. obscured behind the moon. You can instantly locate it because its gravitic energy streaming is so starkly different from its surroundings that it stands out sharply (when you remotely sense the moon’s entire surroundings from your location on Earth).

Now that you’ve located and have briefly characterized the mothership, you can locate it anywhere that it goes should you need to, in the future.

Be sure to feel into the space at a double distance from the mothership — that way, you allow yourself an extra energy horizon, a second shell-space of distance beyond the ship (a larger shell of perspective to which you can return at any time during your future sensing of the ship). That extra shell space (a double distance) is less easily detectable to the aliens in the ship.

Indeed, your extra shell-space can be vastly larger, yet simple, at the same time. In other words, it extends far out into a more exotically fluctuating extra space, in a cosmic sense. So, to elude or exceed the monitors on the mothership, you orient your awareness BEYOND their immediate physical site (or mothership).

That extra space has a phenomenally greater information capacity, of course, because it contains a greater, more exotically fluctuating part of the universe (as is always the case in hyperspace).
It also cycles into a greater, more intelligent community of aliens and alien neighbors.

Don’t worry about them — if you’re a good person and you understand greater universal norms and relationships, they’ll understand that you’re simply trying to keep your planet and its inhabitants alive and safe from an alien violator. You belong here; you have native rights that gray alignment aliens do not enjoy in this galaxy. A larger kind of community smears out in hyperspace and is shared among a variety of aliens.

It exceeds any one given regime, which allows for phenomenally intelligent, shared interactions without the droning, sometimes error-prone baggage of any one, single regime.


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