Those Who Receive Orders From Aliens

(A Review of the Contacts and Connections)
from a 1993 reading


«In regard to those indirect contacts and receiving their orders, how far back does recognition and direct contact go, and have most of these people involved convinced themselves that they are doing what they feel is best for humanity? Our kids went to school with one of these men listed as committee member’s children, and it is hard to imagine him in a consciously sinister role.»


This Awareness indicates that this goes back to 1947, at the time when contact was first made with the Orion Greys between them and the government, then under the administration of Harry Truman. A treaty was signed at that time with the Orion Greys and assistance was soon being given to the Orion Greys.

This Awareness indicates that there were other contacts with aliens or extraterrestrials dating back to the mid ’20s, but these did not affect the United States directly. There were contacts made with forces in Germany in the late ’20s and early ’30s and these appear to have included contacts with Adolf Hitler.

It appears that there were others who were aware of these contacts; others in the United States who were aware of these contacts with extraterrestrials being made during that time period. This Awareness indicates that the Orson Wells radio show on the invasion from Mars was a test to see what reaction the American public would have to information on an alien presence on earth, and the test indicated the public would panic and would do things that were totally unacceptable if they were to be informed of an alien presence on earth.

Therefore, the idea of telling the public was hidden.


This Awareness indicates that you will recall that War of the Worlds was made into a movie in the ’50s, and from that time forward, science-fiction themes and movies continued to promote concepts of aliens on earth. This was in part to help condition people to accept that as a possibility. It was also in part to test the people to see how frightened they were by the prospect of aliens.

«Space Brothers» Channelings Mislead Many

This Awareness indicates also that in the ’50s, many entities began to channel messages from the «Space Brothers.» This was an attempt to get the people open to the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials so that they would think they were «friendly little people who were only there to help us,» and in that approach, many of the people began to feel less frightened by the concept of extraterrestrials visiting this planet.

This Awareness indicates that it eventually began to come out that these entities were not the friendly creatures they were made out to be, but by this time, most entities were already convinced of their friendliness and their good will, and only in the past few years has it been recognized that these entities have been abducting masses of people, have broken the treaty, have failed to return some of the people, have mutilated and killed many of the abductees, which was against the treaty.

The treaty only allowed aliens to abduct humans for minor scientific and medical examinations, but entities were being implanted, given artificial insemination, being affected sexually through the extraction of eggs or sperm, and in other ways being operated upon, and in some cases, mutilated and not returned.

This Awareness indicates that entities who have been abducted have told of seeing cow blood and parts in vats aboard UFO ships, and some have reported seeing human parts floating in those vats along with cow parts.

It has been from these and other stories, determined that the aliens use those vats for absorbing nutrients. They swim in those vats and absorb the nutrients from the blood because they have no digestive tract of their own. They have no digestive systems.

They are clones of clones of clones. They do not reproduce in the way humans to, and over generations of cloning, they have lost many of their organs. Their organs have atrophied. The mouth does not have a way of swallowing. All it can do is hold something that could dissolve and liquefy. In other words, the mouth is its own stomach, for they have no stomach.

This Awareness indicates that these entities, by necessity and by their nature, look upon humans as inferior creatures, capable of supplying them with some of their biological needs. They do not see humans as having any special divine rights to life, liberty or individuality. They see humans as simply being another type of animal on earth which has certain unique qualities in terms of its chemical make-up, in terms of hormones, in terms of various qualities that can be used to extract energy ant life essence.

They see humans as producers of Adrenalchrome and as capable of giving them genetic material for genetic engineering purposes. It is not that they are necessarily evil in this regard, although they would be considered evil to the human, but they are really not any more evil in this regard than would be the human who is hired to take off the heads of turkeys for Thanksgiving slaughters in order to market the turkeys.

This Awareness indicates that this of course would not be the opinion of the turkeys involved, if they had the ability to express their opinion. They would think the entity was quite an evil person. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the activity of aliens is incompatible with the values of humans.

Aliens Aligned with Ahriman; Angelic Host with Pleiadian

This Awareness would also like to point out the aliens are very much aligned with the forces that are associated with Ahriman, or that which in Christian terminology is known as Satan. This Awareness indicates that the Orion Greys and the Reptoids are the ones this Awareness is speaking of at this time.

The angelic hosts are associated with those of the Pleiadians, Sirius, Arcturan, Vegan forces. There are also others.

This Awareness indicates that the Asuras or demons that work with Ahriman or Satan are the higher officials in the ranks of the Reptoid and Orion Greys. The Zeta Reticuli are simply little imps. They have also been known as trolls and goblins and elves down through the ages, where they have been seen in other countries without full understanding that they are from other planets.

This Awareness indicates there are of course the Deros, which are the demented Greys that were left on this planet long ago when the other Greys left, and these demented Greys became more and more demonic so that they are even worse than the Zeta Reticuli who have arrived in the last 30 years.

This Awareness indicates that essentially, what you have in these negative extraterrestrials is the Satanic hierarchy, and what you have in the friendly extraterrestrials is the angelic hosts as presented in the Christian doctrines.


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