Earth Day Activities

Earth Day activities for kids help us celebrate Earth Day — a special observance on April 22 each year. It was created to inspire us to show our appreciation of the planet Earth and to fight against pollution.

Most people are reminded on Earth Day of the importance of being environmentally conscious — which means we should take care of our planet by not wasting its resources — as well as work for clean air, clean lakes and rivers, and live in harmony with the other animals with whom we share our space on this Earth.

In this article you’ll find different ways to celebrate Earth Day as you show your support for our planet. Check out the following pages to get started on these fun and Earth-friendly activities.

Earth Day Headbands

Your friends and neighbors will «get the message» about Earth Day when they see it displayed on your headband.

Sprouting Sunflowers

Celebrate Earth Day by growing your own sunflower sprouts. You and Mother Nature — what a combination!

Animal Tracks

Did a wolf walk across your paper? It’s easy to pretend when you make these animal-track stamps.

Tiny-Tree Forest

Magazine Page Envelopes

Show your support of Earth Day by reusing and recycling your magazines. These envelopes are a great start.

Our Favorite Planet

Learn about the Earth — everyone’s favorite planet — and then share your news with friends in a fun game.

Earth Day Parade

What’s more fun than a parade, especially when you create the decorations yourself? Gather your friends and have a blast.

Start your Earth Day celebration by letting other know how you feel about the environment. You don’t have to say a word — they can read all about it on your headband!


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