LUNAR-CY Are these aliens flying over the moon? Conspiracy theorist captures two UFO ‘spacecraft’ zooming across the sky

THROUGHOUT the centuries, conspiracy theories have been fighting to prove that alien life exists.

For some, this extra-terrestrial video is enough to confirm that we’re not alone in this universe.

A strange clip shows two unidentified black objects passing over a super moon.

After spotting the mysterious moment, the uploader posted the video with the caption: “I was recording a video of the Super moon on Nov/13 at night…

“Near the end of the video, an object appears to be passing over the moon and reflecting its shadow on the moon surface.

“No idea what it could be”.

The video uploader asked Liveleak what the mysterious objects could be
The video uploader asked Liveleak what the mysterious objects could beCredit: LiveLeak
Since the footage was posted online this morning, it’s already racked up over 13,000 views and hundreds of comments.

After watching the clip, internet users have suggested a number of possible theories have been suggested in explanation of the bizarre footage.

Viewers debated whether the UFOs must actually just be “satellites” or a “bird”.

Not everyone was convinced that it could be aliens
Not everyone was convinced that it could be aliensCredit: LiveLeak
One said: “I’m going with two birds flying side by side… it can’t be a shadow because the moon is a sphere.

“The shadow would not maintain its relative position to the object flying over a round surface.

“Also… because you can see the wings flapping.”

Another claimed: “It’s nowhere near the moon, it’s not casting a shadow, its two objects blowing through the earth’s atmosphere, or something along those lines”.


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It’s not the first time that extra-terrestrial footage has swept the web in recent months.

Earlier this year, conspiracy theorists accused European space agency NASA of hiding extraterrestrial information from members of the public.

Several UFO enthusiasts claimed they saw a black cube “orbiting the sun” in a snap taken by the European space agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

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Posting the ‘evidence’ online, the YouTuber explained: “More and more people on Earth, see the mysterious phenomena in the sky, as well as unidentified flying objects.»

Another accused: «It’s definitely another interesting find and once again directly after it appears NASA cuts the feed.

«That’s why you see the screen go blue. They’ve done this, they have been doing this, and they have their hand on the chicken switch as they call it.»


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