UF-WHOA Mystery as ‘triangular craft belonging to US military’ seen hovering in the sky

THIS is the mysterious footage of a «triangular craft belonging to the US military» seen hovering over the side of the road.

YouTube channel MrMBB333 shared the video — which was recorded in Memphis, Indiana — early Wednesday morning.

The unique sighting was recorded by Glenna Sue T at 1am on July 29.

According to user MrMBB333, who refers to himself as «Your earth watchman,» the footage was taken on the Indiana, Kentucky border.

Glenna Sue T took a video and a few photos of the triangular «hovering craft.»

Three vivid lights were spotted in what appears to be a triangular shape.

The lights were seen floating still in the short recording.

MrMBB333 guessed the footage was recorded at approximately 600 feet away from the craft.

Photographs of the puzzling light formation showed five lights in a comparable formation.

Some viewers of the YouTube video suggest in the comments that the plane could be a top secret US military aircraft, known by conspiracy theorists as a TR-3B.

Speaking in the video, MrMBB333 said: “Look at that, unreal. And it’s very stealthy, all you can see are the corner lights.

“This is a different version of these triangular crafts that we’ve been seeing a lot more of lately.

“That was probably one of the closest videos and photographs of these flying machines I think I have ever seen up close.

“These are flying machines. They don’t make any sound. They’re very stealthy.

“If you don’t know they’re there, you probably wouldn’t know to take a picture.”


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