LOST IN SPACE UFOs ‘mapping earth’s surface to create Google Maps-style chart of the universe’, says former military adviser

A FORMER military chief says there’s a possibility ‘aliens on reconnaissance missions’ are mapping the surface of the Earth.

Ex intelligence adviser Christopher Mellon says there have been thousands of similar sightings of UFOs — and suggested it could mean extra-terrestrial lifeforms are creating a ‘Google map’ of the universe.

Odd triangular aircraft have been spotted above more than 50 US military bases, he said.

The expert, who served under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence, made the bombshell claims in a new documentary.

It comes as a Senate committee voted to compel the Pentagon’s own UFO research unit to make some of its findings public.

The files could be declassified next year following the move.

Mr Mellon told the Daily Star he was hopeful researchers could make «headway» into discovering more about the many reports of UFOs and «discovering where they might be coming from and how they work».

The ex-Pentagon boss added: “If they’re not ours, we have a lot to worry about.

«They could spell a new and ­uncertain security threat.”

He reveals his latest research in an upcoming episode of Sky History series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, the second season of which launches on September 1.

It includes footage of several huge objects shaped like perfect equilateral triangles.

The mysterious shapes have lights on each of their three corners.

They appear ­capable of slowly drifting across the sky, as well as moving off at huge speeds.

The documentary claims the triangular craft have now been seen above dozens of US military bases.

One of the bases is Scott Air Force Base, Illinois – a strategic command centre where state-of-the-art equipment failed to even register the ‘intruder’.

Mr Mellon said this type of UFO bears “absolutely no resemblance” to any advanced Earthly air technology such as stealth bombers or modern fighter jets but has been seen around the world “for more than 40 years”.

Last month, we reported that fans of Netflix show Unsolved Mysteries were having ‘panic attacks’ over its alien abduction episode.

The docu-series looks at a different case in each episode, but the fifth episode deviates away from the traditional true-crime case into the world of extra-terrestrials.

The case in question is the surreal situation from September 1, 1969, when four completely unrelated families all claimed to have been abducted by a UFO.

All the witnesses insisted they had never met before being united by the inexplicable incident, yet somehow they all detailed eerily similar accounts of what happened.

Viewers said: «I genuinely believe these people & now I’m not gonna be able to sleep.»



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