CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE HERD KIND Locals baffled at claims calf was abducted and killed by aliens in mysterious attack

LOCALS at a UFO hot-spot are udderly baffled at claims a calf could have been abducted and killed by aliens.

Injuries to the animal were similar to those in mysterious attacks on cattle in the USA and other countries since the 1970s.

Shocked Albert Tyas found the calf in a field while out walking at Todmorden in West Yorkshire.

The town has had more ET sightings per head than anywhere in Britain.

He contacted Deborah Hatswell, an investigator into strange phenomena.

She said: “The cuts are extremely clean, there are no signs of an attack or a chase. The ground is far too clean for this to involve a dog or cat.

“It doesn’t fit with the classic signs of any normal beast here in the UK.

“To me, it looks as if the calf was dropped from above.”

The discovery comes 40 years after retired cop Alan Godfrey claimed he was taken by aliens in the town while looking for a herd of cows.

He said he spotted a UFO in the early hours of November 28, 1980, before being abducted and could not account for 30 minutes of “missing time”.

Whatever happens, we know the hoof is out there.


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